Anderson Silva & god

If you haven’t seen the latest fight of Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen you can download it down below.  Spoiler alert, you should watch the fight first, before reading down below. or here

For the first time ever we saw our champion get pounded round after round, I thought all hope was lost.  I’m a big fan of Anderson Silva and it sucked to see that the undefeated champion may lose his first fight ever.  But Anderson “Spider” Silva was working with something greater.

In an interview with Gracie Magazine, Anderson Silva admitted that at the end of the fifth round, ‘all was lost’ but God made a celebrity appearance inside the octagon and The Spider harnessed his energy to defeat Chael Sonnen.

“I feel we learn in all our fights, in victory or defeat. We learn from everything, in every way, whatever the situation may be. What people sometimes forget is that God is above it all. I didn’t stop thinking of him for a moment, and he didn’t let me down. Of course, we have to train and all, but it’s really important to have faith. I remember having looked up between rounds and asked him to guide my movements and he enlightened me. It’s even hard to say something like that to a magazine like Gracie. A lot of folks will read it and think I’m playing to the media. But anyone who watched the fight could see all was lost and there were just two minutes to go. I felt a very strong presence from God there and that was important.”

He felt that there was a purpose to the fight.

The interviewer asks, “Your win seemed like a Hollywood movie, on which he “hero” suffers for most of the time and win in the end…”

“Yeah, man. Actually, it all happened as it should do, but the biggest prompter of all this is God, he’s the biggest responsible for all of it, I’m just his instrument. This fight was good not for the fight’s world, but to people in general. We should never give up on our dreams, we should never give up on our goals. I believe it was a lesson to those who’s been fighting, but also for everyone that was there, for those who had a hard time and are almost giving up on something. I believe it was a great message and the real purpose of the sport. I played God’s servant in there to show this to people, to encourage them not to give up, to never give up, to always believe and make things happen.”

Wow! Veryyy inspiringggg

It’s awesome to read about his strong faith in god.  and his belief in the “higher” purpose of things.  Never knew about this side of Anderson, reminded me of a book I read a while back about healers in Asia that healed people by “Lay on hands”, which is simply healing people by laying hands on them, like what Jesus did.  They also claimed they were just an instrument of the divine, and god was working through them.  All they did was ask, and the healing was given.

I’m reaffirming for myself, that god IS highly involved with our lives.  That everything is perfectly in divine timing always, that you cannot be but at the right place, at the right time always, because there is no state where god is not present. And god is in fact speaking to us always we just need to choose to listen.

So there is never a need to worry…I’ll end with a quote from Neale Donald Walsch’s book, Conversation with god.  In which god tells us…directly.

Worry is the activity of a mind which does not understand its connection with Me.


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