Ascension Energy Program Update 1

Bill Kirkland is the creator of the technology behind the  He has developed “machines” that is able to send pure positive energies to clients over distance. The technology is based on the Unified Quantum Field Theory, developed by a German physician, Burkhard Heim in the 1980’s.

On December 21, 2011 I was put on the machines. The first machine that one start on is machine#3, and from there the client moves up in power week to week. There are machines 3-8, Machine 8 being the most powerful. Machine #3 is equivalent to 600,000 people praying for you on a daily basis, 24/7, this is a rough analogy of the type of energy that is projected by the machine.

The following is Bill Kirland’s scientific explanation of this technology. This is an excerpt taken from this interview. ( )

“Unified Field Theory was worked on by Einstein some half a century earlier and it was the last project he had. This was a theory where he tried to equate the energies of sub-atomic particles, which is Quantum Mechanics, to energies of Gravity, which is relativity.  And in order to do that he was working in 4 dimensions, Length, Width, Height, Time.  And his equations were based on those 4 dimensions. He was never able to reconcile the Unified Quantum Field Theory.

Then in 1975, A guy named Burkhard Heim, who is a Ph.D. in physics in Germany developed the Unified Quantum Field Theory, using 6 dimensions. And his own mathematics called Metron Calculus. The 6 dimensions he believed described the physical plane, not 4. So Length, Width, Height, Time… In other words, moving through time plus 3 dimensions is the usual paradigm. He said that there are 5… The 5th dimension, or Astral, or constructing dimension is the one just before the physical plane and that’s where the mind actually produces reality. Based on the energies coming from the Tachyon or zero point space. It’s a great void out there which almost all of the energies in the universe exists. The physical plane, that is the star systems, the solar system, everything that you see, feel, touch… those are all physical plane manifestations representative of 1/billionth of the energies of the universe. The other energy is in zero point, and this is a multidimensional space outside of the physical plane, that you really can’t feel… uh.. you can’t gauge but you can sense. So the only way you can really reach this area, that has been found to have value so far, is to highly purify human adepts (masters) by taking away all of their negativity, and then they can sense these things happening. They can sense what’s going on out there. They can feel things being created by the use of clairvoyance. Prophecy… they can actually see things being created out of the world mind, the world energy out there into the physical plane that we know.

The spiritual plane that’s the 5th dimension, the 6th dimension which is the other aspect of the physical plane, is the spiritual plane which produces a matrix in which all of this happens. And this is worked by Burkhard perfectly to 4 or 5 decimal points which means it’s essentially correct.

It hasn’t been accepted by the physics establishment yet. And Burkhard died in 2001 relatively obscure. Although he was a top level physicist, educated by the top places in Germany. One of his teacher was Heisenberg, which some of you physicist might of heard of.

Burkhard was called the German Stephen Hawking, The reason for that was he was handling a bomb in World War II and it blew up in front of him, and it blinded him, made him mostly def and blew off both of his hands. He was extremely handsome man, but he couldn’t see, he couldn’t hear so he was completely insensitive to the outside world. This allowed him to introspect, to come in, but not have diseased mind like Hawkings but have a perfectly functioning mind, in fact he lived into his eighties.

Host: So when all of the physical was shut off, then he went within?

Yes he became even more brilliant than he was before, and he was plenty brilliant before then.

From all of this theorizing, came the bio-resonance, the theory behind distance energy, out of the Germans essentially utilizing things that were first developed in the United States but then ran out of the United States and perfected in Germany and in the Soviet Union.”

Ok so what has been my experience so far?

The thing is I really did feel something the first night I was put on the machines. I sat there  at night before going to bed, in my room, in the dark, in silence, and I just sat in silence for a while. Pretty soon I started feeling energetic sensations through out my body, things started to buzz pretty intensely. I felt sort of like I was getting fried with energy. I also had a feeling of getting filled up, and this sensation of getting filled up with energy seemed to continue to come up from time to time the following days.

I woke up 2 hours earlier than I normally do the next day. And I thought this first experience was pretty cool, but didn’t think that much of it really, and just forgot about it.

Today I did an experiment with the etheric water which was really interesting and got me inspired to write this blog today.

I’ve only been on the program about 2 weeks and I’ve been drinking the etheric water daily. I do notice that I seem to begin to crave this water, and I’m generally not a big water drinker. When I charge my water, I have been noticing that it seems to get a silky texture to it.

Today I did an experiment where I had cups of charged water and non charged water and had my mom and my little sister test and see if they could tell me any difference in the water. The results were astounding. They both reported that one water tasted more “softer”, “lighter”, “smoother”, “more silky”…than the other. these were the exact words they used to describe the difference in the water that they tasted.  In both cases they were correctly reporting that the charged water had silky texture to it and the normal tap water had a “harsher”, “harder” texture to it.

I was amazed and I did many more tests with my sister. Basically having my sister tell apart the “charged water” from normal tap water. Amazingly, she was able to guess correctly every time which was the charged etheric water.

This confirmed to me, that it’s not just this placebo effect in my head of simply thinking that the water changed in texture, but an actual physical change is taking place in the water. Since my sister and mom is able to tell which one is charged every time. This amazed both my mom and my sister, and I had to explain to them briefly about this distance energy program.

Now I got my sister charging her food and waters 🙂

Note: the silky texture of etheric water is what’s also reported by other clients of the program and Bill Kirkland himself. The water changes in structure and basically the particle becomes smaller/finer, which explains the softer, silky texture. This allows the water to become highly absorb-able by the cells of the body.

Personally what I’ve been noticing with this water is that it’s definitely energizing which is something I never thought about with water. I seldom drank water really because I felt that it didn’t do much for me. But now with this etheric water, I notice when I drink it when I’m tired, it gives me a boost of energy very quickly, so now I very much enjoy drinking water 🙂

this is pretty cool stuff, and I plan to explore more and share interesting experiences with you guys. So stay tuned.

The effects of distance energy is far less subtle to notice than the etheric water. This has been explained to me by Kevin Courtois, however I’m noticing things are beginning to happen in the outside world, in my way.

Even though it’s only been a short period of time…it’s worth to note that things are beginning to work my way.

First, I successfully found a great dentist who is open to new concepts such as bone remodeling, he is willing to work with me on my case and understands my goals.  Which is to  move my skull towards the golden mean ratio, the ideal facial structure. He knows about face pulling and NCR, and works very closely with Dr. Singh, the creator of DNA appliance. SO this is essentially the “dream dentist” I have been looking for.

He seems to be very passionate about learning about these new physical therapies and he seem to “get it”. He even gave me Dr. Singh’s personal cell number and his own cell number. I plan to call Dr. Singh personally tomorrow, which is fantastic, and I can’t wait to discuss everything that I’ve researched about so far.

In short, I seem to have landed myself into very good hands to embark on this physical restructuring journey. So I’m pretty fucking excited.


Also I’m noticing I’m able to come out of negative frames of thinking much faster than before. When negative emotions creep up, I very naturally “be with them without condition” which seem to have stuck from my experience with the Presence Process. and I’m noticing that I’m facing negative emotions more and more fearlessly. If there is a negative I just simply look at it, be with it, without trying to change it, and naturally the negativity seem to just flick off.

So in terms of negative emotions, do I notice a difference since being on the machines?

The answer is a definite… Yes.


Bill Kirkland has said that since someone that is on the machine has such powerful energy around them that that person is able to influence other people into becoming positive.

He explained it like this. If there are 4 negative people in a room, and someone that is neutral or relatively positive walks in that room. the negativity from those 4 people will easily over power the positive person and that person will also become negative.

On a physical level, what’s happening is that the water structure is being changed by the energy. So negative energy literally changes the crystalline structure of the water inside the person. And we know that people are mostly made out of water… people are 75% water.

And this is happening all the time with media and other forms of negativity(harmful electrical waves) in the environment that humans in this day and age are constantly bombarded by.

According to Bill, generally speaking, negative energy is twice stronger than positive.

But with the energy machines, the positive energy that begins to surround the client is so powerful, it actually begins to influence other people around them. So if someone on the machine walked into that same room, instead of getting influenced by the outside world, the person on the machine makes the 4 negative people, positive. In other words, the negative crystalline structure of the 4 negative people gets hit by a massive energy signature by the the person on the machine, that the magnetic bonds in the water are altered into positive crystalline structure.

The massive energy begins to act as a shield where no negativity of the world can come close to affecting it, And over time this massive surplus of energy begins to correct the human aura, by transforming negative energy into positive and this positive energy is fed back into the aura… creating ever increasing positive feedback loop.

In other words, the negative energy that was holding the person down, begins to integrate into higher vibration energy that is available to be used by the person in a constructive manner.

Bill Kirkland calls this the Modern Day Alchemy…. Does this concept sound familiar to anyone? I think about Michael Brown’s Presence Process.

Perhaps with the help of the machines, it’s Presence Process on steroids? Like hoping off the horse and hoping onto a bullet train?

What’s happened is that my parents are becoming very supportive of me recently. My mom wants to help me get started with the new orthodontics.

And my dad who seems to be in a better mood than usual these days, is helping me get a car, which is another fantastic, outer world thing that’s happening for me…  me and him went out to eat dinner together and had a some good conversations about life.

This general sense that my relationship with my parents is real smooth at the moment.

Are they responding to the energy of the machine that’s been being delivered to me?


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