So I started reading this awesome book, Jewel in the Lotus, The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness by Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha, this book was recommended to me by Carl E Stevens Jr (Rakhem Seku), who is a relationship coach, energy body worker, and other great things incorporating tantric methods he shares a business/website with his wife at

Anyway Lesson 2 of this book was breath, This was a great read…very informative.  here are some of the texts.

“Whether you wish to experience higher consciousness, greater psychic sensitivity, better health – physically and mentally, or full body orgasm, the key is expansion of breath.”

“Observe a baby sleeping and you will note that the breath first fills the abdomen and then expands into the chest.  This is the natural way to breathe.  Most people use less than 1/7 of their lung capacity, inhaling one pint of air with each breath.  The fully expanded lungs will hold as much as seven pints.  When more oxygen enters the system, every cell of every organ is nourished and can perform its task far more effectively.  When more oxygen is released to the neurons of the brain, it activates the brain for clearer and more powerful impulses, making the senses more acute and strengthening the entire nervous system.  We become much more aware of the subtle energies in and around us.”

“Slowing the breath produces dramatic changes in the body/mind.  The average person breathes approximately 15 times per minute.  When that slows down to 8 times per minute the pituitary gland begins to function optimally.  That gland regulates all the other glands to ensure the proper balance of hormones, the key to radiant health.

When you breathe less than 4 times per minute the pineal gland begins to secrete fully.  When the pineal and pituitary glands are stimulated, the Third Eye begins to function and clairvoyance happens easily.”

This part was especially eye opening…

Breathing and Emotional Awareness.

“Babies are brought into this world cruelly, with total insensitivity to their feelings.  Doctors cut the umbilical cord before the tiny lungs have time to clear the fluid that has filled them in utero, so a baby’s first breath is one of panic, taken in searing pain as the delicate tissues are subjected to the rush of air for the first time.  Most of us never recover from that trauma, never take a full breath for fear of more pain.

We learned as children that being totally alive was unacceptable to our half-dead parents.  Having too much energy created problems.  We learned to stifle that aliveness by limiting our breath.  We learned at a very early age that when something was too frightening or too painful, we could dull our sensitivity to the moment by holding our breath.  It had a numbing effect.  It got us through many situations we weren’t prepared to deal with.  We also learned that when feelings arose which were not acceptable to parents we could switch those feelings off by limiting our breath.

When you are angry you are angry you breathe a certain way, and if you don’t breathe that way you can’t maintain the anger.  Conversely, when an actor wants to create a state of anger, he does it by breathing in that particular way.  The same principle applies to every feeling.  When you are sexually aroused your breathing pattern changes.  By stifling that pattern you can turn youself off.  Everyone regulates themselves constantly by thyeir breathing and it’s all done unconsciously, automatically.

While this self-regulation has its advantages, has served us well in surviving in this insane world, it also has an unfortunate corollary.  True, it has protected us against excessive pain or fear or anger or sexual arousal, but it also has shut down anything that tries to arise in us – too much longing for love, too much pleasure in being close to someone special, too much joy just in being alive.  We have settled for a very narrow range of experience,  rather than risk the consequences of letting our feelings and awareness flow.

Just as we used breath to suppress feelings, by breathing in certain ways, we can access and bring back into consciousness those dark and hidden parts of the psyche.  The feelings didn’t go away, but were only buried.  Unacknowledged, unexperienced, disowned, they carry on their own life quite beyond our control.  Old fears and hurts and resentments left over from childhood still taint our experience indirectly, sabotaging our good intentions.  With conscious breathing, these buried feelings begin to surface so they can be dealt with from an adult perspective.  We can slowly work through the accumulated feelings, experiencing them, witnessing ourselves experiencing them, and finally releasing them.

At last we become free to experience just what is happening in the moment.  Anger comes, we notice it, experience it, it is gone in the next breath.  There is no stockpiling.  Breathing deeply through a frightening experience transforms it into a marvelous adventure.  You can easily validate this principle in your experience: anxiety plus oxygen equals excitement.

As we become conscious of the moment-to-moment processes of the body, we learn to become aware of the moment-to-moment processes of our thoughts and feelings.  Until we make the decision to stay conscious, we will continue to march robot-like through our daily routines and habits, protecting ourselves from anything out of the narrow limits of experience that feel safe.  This is sleep-walking.  This is the unconscious life.”


breathing is so important, like a day or two later after I read this and have been putting more and more effort on making conscious full breathes. I read a new blog post by SPG about breathing! wow!

With full breathes. down into my balls… The results are amazing…I find myself being spontaneous and more expressive.  I’m experiencing spontaneous joy for no reason at all.  I’m more calm and relaxed when interacting with women, and other men.

One thing I’ve been doing is incorporating deep breathing, while feeling into the feelings of being my sexy ideal self, and already having abundance of women, money, whatever I want. and just feeling the good feelings of having all that. the key is this…I’m not doing this to get anything, I’m simply feeling into the feelings of being that man that’s being pursued by all those things, because this man and his life is already that awesome.  Without any effort these things are finding him!  So I’m not needy, or I’m shooting towards that blissful indifference again and again.

And I’ve experience some evidence of the reality of this man already.  I notice that everywhere I go there’s women there and showing attraction towards me.  I went to a pick up basket ball game that my guy friends were at and BAM girls from high school there showing attraction.  Later on, I went to an AT&T store and many older women there with husbands giving me a lot of eye contact.  Women passing me on the streets giving me a smile as a smile back at them.  And last night went to bar, not expecting anything, and just so happens that this girl I met a while back was there and bam instant attraction, that I could just feel.  and she was there with this other guy.  but More importantly I was really enjoying myself, and felt free, didn’t feel obligated to do shit… I had so much fun talking to anyone there, my guy friends or women, it didn’t matter to me.

o and every now and then I’m checking in with myself, what am I feeling right now?  How is my breath? If I go to the bathroom to piss, I’ll also take a moment to re-center and ground myself with deep breaths.  It seems subtle at the time but looking back now it’s making a BIG difference.  Right now I’m making a commitment to breath.


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