Centeredness and Groundedness

“Consider that when we allow ourselves to fully enter the felt-aspect of our current human experience, by responding instead of reacting to it, we enter the center of an infinite spiral designed to support, nourish, and deliver us deeper into the mysteries of love.”

Centeredness. Consider that deliberately spending time alone to validate the variety of felt-sensations continually rising and falling within our spiraling experience is a powerful means for accomplishing centeredness. Consider that living from within the assumption that ‘we are alone in the universe’, and that ‘the variety of felt-sensations that continually arise and fall within our spiraling human experience are not supposed to be happening’, is a guaranteed way to become completely flabbergast.

Grounding. Notice how creatures who don’t know anything about ‘what is considered appropriate and what is not’ love to stretch out and roll about upon the uncovered surface of the earth. Consider that it is only possible to be grounded ‘now’, and that when we are feeling ungrounded, it is because our attention is adrift somewhere in the endless corridors of the mental plane. Consider for a few felt-moments the majesty of the magnetic intesity and massive momentum continually initiated by the core of our planet. What sound does it make?”

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