Consider… (Deep insights I am having lately)

Consider that all of your trials and tribulations in life, the deep hurts that had you asking “why me?”, your darkest moments that had you feeling hopeless and all alone in the world thinking no one could possibly be feeling this much pain, perhaps you began to question god and your sanity…maybe began to think that there is something seriously wrong with you… that there is so much lack of self love that you began to feel shameful… Consider that all of these darkest elements of your life is not there by accident, that every little “issues” in your life is chosen by your spirit consciously, and it is there divinely orchestrated to give you precisely what you need so that you can become the grandest version of you.

Consider your life experience at this current moment as valid.

Exactly how it is. No matter how much society says you should be having a different experience.

It is valid because it is happening.

Consider this Earth to be one of the few and grandest of all soul experience, because it is a planet of free will played at such low level of vibration that is the 3rd density. Meaning souls can experience such extreme darkness that most ET’s consider us the strongest beings out there.

Consider the fact all of the traumas and hardships are not accidents and you are not a victim, your soul requested it because your soul knew that it was powerful enough to handle it.

Consider the fact that if you had many of these hardships in life then you must be a very special soul with immense power and maturity.

Consider the fact that what makes a phenomenal human being is not there looks, social status, or even personality traits but there ability love in the face of great opposition.

Consider the fact that your greatest lesson and greatest opportunity for triumph and growth comes in the present moment, when you are faced with great darkness within.

Are you going to turn to love or to fear? Can you love the darkness despite feeling like it is something wrong.

Can you simply say “I love you.” to that horrible darkness???

Consider that the true purpose of your journey is not to have Light conquer Dark, but to go beyond these opposites and to create a new type of consciousness which can maintain unity in the presence of both light and dark.

Consider that you are a magnificent human being and a powerful soul to be able to experience so much darkness but to be able to love anyway…

Consider that such feat is no small matter and many beings from other galaxies look at you in awe, Consider the fact that you are becoming a hero of consciousness that affects the whole universe, Consider that all of these lessons you will take else where, beyond this lifetime and onward, Consider the possibility that this may be your last incarnation on Earth, and afterwards you will traverse the universe teaching other beings how they can transcend their limitations.

Cheers to being a hero of consciousness and a phenomenal human being.


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