Ascension Energy Program Notes 1 (Emotional Processing)

I’m trying something new. It’s monthly subscription based energy program in which “new science” technologies is suppose to assist man’s spiritual evolution. more information can be found here: and their youtube channel has more info.

How did I find this? Kevin Courtois is the guy that was blogging about physical restructuring, I come to find out that he is also involved with this energy technology stuff.

Me and him talked on the phone briefly, and have been bouncing emails back and forth ever since.

Since I’m just signed up I have no testimonial on this yet. But I wanted to jot down some notes for my own reference from this video.

In this video Kevin Courtois speaks on spiritual resistance. From my understanding this is one’s unconscious that has the ability to self sabotage the individual, whether that be manifestation of an illness or repeating outside patterns that seem to block the individual from where they wish to be. This is generally when someone finds the need for self examination or also known as inner work.

From my own experience, I found that this is generally when you start calling out your own bullshit, and you really start looking inside…the good, the bad, and the ugly. I guess this process is often called the emotional work which is what I came to understand from the Presence Process.

Becoming vulnerable to feel things. And see things about yourself that you often don’t want to admit is there.

Emotional integration work, to me, is becoming vulnerable and building internal strength and courage.

For me, the shift is ongoing. It’s a shift from thinking about the world, to feeling the world. From thinking about my life, the past and what I should do in the future… to noticing how I’m feeling day to day.

And having the courage to process emotions. This may require sitting alone somewhere in silence.

I suspect with the help of the technologies, one is able to progress at a much faster rate. (perhaps greater intensity) This is just what I am suspecting as of now.

Kevin Courtois said,

“The Internal feelings started coming back a little bit. Yet as I continued to look at the feelings. Dive into the darkness. The machines will clear the fields out. And then I continued to make progress. So it’s the tools, the tools of self examination. The tools of sitting in silence. coupled with the bio-resonance machines. Enables you to leap frog these barriers and resistances fairly well.

One of the things that I’ve learned recently, or I’ve known and recently started applying… When you hit a block, or you have an appearance of a failure in life. You get rejected, you don’t get the job, you don’t get the girl. I found that there’s ALWAYS something very positive tied right next to the negative outcome.

And so if you stay alert, and stay open, and allow yourself to let go and process the trauma, that there’s an opportunity that was better than the perceived failure that you just went through.

And so success is a function of series of failures. As far as I’m concerned.”

-I thought this was a great take on his understanding of emotional processing.

Michael Brown said we are all emotionally processing. It’s just if one does it consciously or unconsciously. Because the world is going through a cleanse at the moment.

This is another beautiful reminder to not be afraid of dark feelings and emotions. Continue to fearlessly embrace all states of being. And accept all experiences and feelings as valid. and what is required for me.

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