Every Negative, Has a Positive Next to it

It’s been a while since I last blogged. A lot is happening or beginning to happen, so I was waiting on something more concrete to  report on but I’ll sum up some of it real quick right now.

A new mentor I have found was saying something very interesting and that is.

Every Negative, if you look closely has a Positive right next to it.

The paradox nature of life. Every negative situation has already the positive counter part that comes with it.

In this light. We are constantly showered with blessings by the divine. It’s only our egoic perception that blocks our ability to see this.

Michael Brown (Presence Process author) has also said, “Thank you is the only prayer”

So what has happened with me through the Presence Process and Inner Integrity is that I became very focused on the problems.

I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there day by day and just sat with my problems.

I became intimate with them.

I became really present with my self conscious/self esteem issues that had to do with my physical body.

I had gotten braces at age 18, and I had over crowding, and my doctor told me I didn’t have the option to expand the dental arches since I was too old so I had 4 bicuspids removed to create space. I got the traditional train track braces that closed the gap.

2 years later, the braces came off and I was never really satisfied with the outcome. What had happened was my arch was narrow before but getting the bicuspids removed to straighten teeth had increasingly narrowed my arch. I had straight teeth but the arch was narrow. I had thought that I had to change my thinking around this and get over it internally, but I was never successful at that. I was sort of always trying to cover up my self consciousness about it, I suppose I was even ashamed to have those feelings because I was thinking I had to “love myself” whatever that meant, and at the time I had thought it was about only having positive feelings about myself. but as Sri Bhagavan has said, that is white washing the fact, like putting a rug over a spill… It will soon start stinking.

Finally something happened when I really began confronting what I was really feeling. I very naturally and calmly, went on google and started researches about palate expansion.

Came across number of topics and some horrendous stories of people that had tooth extractions for orthodontics resulting in very serious consequences.

I don’t want to go into all those details here but basically I found solutions to the problem.

Adult palate expansion is possible. and it was being done with phenomenal results. But I found far more than that.

I had found blogs by couple of guys that were on a journey of “physical restructuring”.

They had similar orthodontic treatment as I had, and had teeth extractions resulting in terrible results. The face collapses because of bone loss, and that causes a change in nervous system and the brain because it affects the whole skull.

This can cause depression, and other changes in personality.

Now I’m not a doctor so I can’t really say if all of this is true or not but what’s interesting is as these guys are correcting their facial structure they are seeing tremendous changes in personality.

There is just a lot here for me to explain in one blog post but basically the treatment these guys are using to attain these result is NCR, Palate expansion (like the homeoblock or DNA appliance), and face pulling.

Don’t quote me on the following, this is just some of the things they claim but to me makes total sense.

What they claim is that beauty is a function of great symmetry.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a false statement spouted by ugly people to feel better about their lot in life.”

“The fact is that there is an irrefutable standard of beauty based on golden mean geometry, and an irrefutable standard of sexual attractiveness based on facial symmetry!”

“Going Back In Time, We Can See Beauty Has Always Been Beauty”

“Many of the self esteem issues are just simply issues of not being good looking enough.”

“Self-esteem is a function of symmetry”

—-Every Negative, Has a Positive Next to it.

The problem here is that my facial symmetry was greatly compromised by poor orthodontic treatment. Although I have “straight teeth” according to orthodontist’s point of view, it has caused a collapse of the face, and other complications far more than I may have realized. In the realms of emotional/nervous system perspective.

The solution, new forms of effective physical therapy that looks at the entire skull. Therapies that begin to correct facial symmetry by creating new bone growth.

As mentioned above these new physical therapies are: NCR(Neuro Cranial Restructuring), DNA appliance, and more new therapy called Face pulling.

The Possibility here is to achieve the golden ratio of facial structure. What god originally intended my face to look. Golden ratio = optimal function = optimal beauty.

To not only reverse the damages caused by tooth extraction, but to improve facial symmetry far beyond what I had even before extractions.

I’m dabbling at the beginning stages of this process. I should have much more to report soon.

If your curious about what I have written visit this page. http://www.jawpain-tmjtreatment.com/

2 thoughts on “Every Negative, Has a Positive Next to it”

  1. Thank you for this information, it gives me hope! I’m 31 years old and 1 year and 3 months into the braces process. I went with an orthodontist who I knew personally, who is well known in the community, and who several people I know personally had gone to for their own braces and who have beautiful results. Beyond that, when I went in for my consultation, everything he said about what he planned on doing made sense and actually sounded logical compared to all of the other (many) orthos I had been to. All the pictures on the wall of his office of beautiful smiles made me feel confident as well, so I went with him. They gave me Damon braces which are supposed to be the most advanced and efficient ones out there right now. A few months in they installed an expander to the roof of my mouth to widen my palate. They wanted to see what would happen with that and if they could achieve the results they were looking for without pulling teeth (I had a very, very narrow palate, malocclusion and a lower jaw that was too far back and at a downward slant giving me a weak chin, and very crowded, almost buck teeth on top because of the narrowness and lack of room in my mouth). After about 6 months into the palate expansion my upper teeth started to flare slightly outward and they decided that there was just no possible way for them (even with the expanded palate) to make all the teeth fit as well as be stable, so they took out 4 bicuspids. What has resulted in the remaining months has been a narrowing of my face causing my downward slanted jaw to look even longer and multiple people to ask if I’ve lost weight and if I’m ok (I haven’t lost a single pound). I’m very unhappy with this result and have asked the ortho why my face looks so narrow and so far his only answer is that it “shouldn’t be more narrow” and that maybe I’ve “lost weight.” Ok, but I haven’t….so now I’m left trying to get to the bottom of this. Luckily I’m not finished yet and he says he’ll take some xrays next time I’m in but I want to know what’s going on…I’m terrified that my face is going to collapse in and look horrible if I don’t do something about this now! I’ve read articles that say palatal expansion is good but that tooth extraction is bad…so what about a case where both things have been done? I’ve also heard that there are functional appliances that can help to pull your lower jaw forward if it’s receded without having to get jaw surgery (I was originally told by another ortho I would need surgery on both jaws but decided not to go that route). I’m basically wondering where to go now from here. Should they be trying to pull my lower jaw forward? Is it too late now that my teeth have been pulled to fix things? I already look like I’ve aged a bit in only just over a year and I’m not ok with it! It looks like I’ve lost the healthy fat stores I used to have in my cheeks or something and I’m trying desperately to figure out what it was they did to make that happen…they certainly don’t seem to know which is even more troubling since I was trusting I was safe in their knowledgeable hands. My teeth may be straight now, but at what cost? Wish I had known about all this before I started this whole process. I want my old face back! If you have ANY info about what to do, where to go or who to talk to, I would greatly appreciate anything you could tell me. Sorry to write all this, but it’s so close to what I’m going through! Thanks and hope to hear from you!


  2. And yet neither you nor any of these other blogs really post any pictures to back up your claims and supposed “success”. So the question remains how can readers believe all this information you and these other blogs are putting forth. It simply sounds too good to be true and that is because it most likely is.

    Don’t buy into any of this shit until you see proof and I don’t mean the one or two pics on that Jawpain/TMJ blog. Think about all the responses that blog and this one gets. There is no doubt that other people have tried these methods for themselves. If it did work then we would have seen it online already!

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