Face Pulling Appliance Has Arrived

Ok 3 days ago I finally received the the face pulling appliance. I’ve treated myself for 3 days now. 30 min once a day.

As I pulled I could feel my face being pulled forward, especially the cheekbones.

In just one treatment I noticed a difference, my left cheek bone which tends to be less developed than the right seem to have come out a little bit.

Now I’m at Day 3, I noticed better balance between right and left side of the face, and the cheekbones are higher.And my posture as I walk, has changed noticeably, It seems easier to stand taller/straighter.

This is pretty significant difference for me because for 3 and a half month now, I’ve been treating myself with endo nasal balloon. Where I apply pressure on the sphenoid bone, by inserting a balloon inside my nose.

From those treatments, the improvements I’ve seen are better posture, my face became wider, the top part of the head that was flat, came out a little more and became more rounded, the lobsided head shape feels more balanced. And cheekbones have come out a little bit. Sinus congestion vastly improved. Also noticed some gains in muscle mass. These gains were very gradual.

But with this face pulling, just in 3 days, I’m seeing visible difference in my cheekbones. The results seems to be more dramatic and faster, which is exactly what they told me.

Now I’m suppose to get the DNA appliance in a couple weeks. Which will begin to expand my palate. and begin to recover the spaces for the 4 bicuspids that was extracted with my prior awful orthodontics.

I’ve been working my ass off part time at a restaurant, while going to school, to make all of this happen, and I finally got the face pulling appliance with the DNA appliance on the way. I first discovered all of this in November, so it’s been about 4 months of dreaming about this stuff and finally it became reality.

I can’t wait to see my progress a month from now.

6 thoughts on “Face Pulling Appliance Has Arrived”

  1. Hey! I am also interested in the Face Pulling device… do you know where I could order one? (or would I have to build one myself??) Thanks so much!

  2. Hello, I’m really inspired to do face pulling too. I checked out the website that you listed, but I can’t figure out how to directly contact the person, there is no email that I can see.
    Could you let me know what it is.
    Thank you

  3. Hi,
    Im interested with the face pulling. Hows ur bone structure now??? Is there a chance of a relapse when you stop the face pulling?

  4. Hi,
    Am just coming across this! Have been reading your blog for many months now. Did you actually order a face pulling device from the orgone products? Can you do this? As I don’t really have another way of purchasing a facepulling device myself that’s designed effectively etc.

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