FasterEFT Totally Rocks!

Yo I’m having some PHENOMENAL results with eft, but particularly the method created by Robert Smith which he calls FasterEFT.  This method In my opinion is the next level EFT, he combined concepts from traditional EFT and NLP to create a tapping system that is both super easy to do and with a new belief system that make it sooo effective.  It’s like a combination of EFT plus tools I’m learning in the Phone Booth. It’s all about emotional intelligence.  To skillfully make peace within you.  Learning to Let Go.

His Youtube channel is awesome. So much valuable stuff is there and it’s all free.

I’ve known about Robert Smith like a year ago maybe even 2 years ago, but I’m totally seeing him in a new light right now.  Like his lessons are totally making sense to me, I don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t ready to look at my “stuff” just yet back then?  But the patterns continued and here I am back again, finally ready to own up to my shit, and rock this process.  No more blaming and feeling powerless by the outside circumstances, I’m 100% responsible for everything in my life.  The patterns continued because I am a powerful creator and I am doing something skillfully within me that’s creating my world.  I am the cause. and It’s really time to step up to the plate.

This video below is a MUST see, it’s like a crash course on Robert Smith’s work.


What he saids is so fucking true, it really is.

What a powerful concept though, all the issues and problems I have… Is skillfully created by me.  Nothing is broken, at one point or another in my past I created them to protect me.  I did my best with the resources and the knowledge I had back then.  I made up a story and a belief about myself and some were good and some weren’t so good, and those not so good ones, the self limiting beliefs, were for the most cases very poorly perceived by me.  There was no built in meaning to what happened.  I gave it the meaning. A symbol.  An affirmation about myself at that particular point in my life and I’ve been carrying it with me every since. What you hold within you create through law of attraction.  So the process is making peace with the memories by letting go of the strong emotional charges, and flipping them to create a story you like.  The history is created by the story teller.

I also went through this powerful process down below to improve my self image about my body and seriously experienced some profound shifts. I highly recommend it.



Also would like to add a new quote to the quote page“Your Persistence is the key to change.” -Robert Smith

3 thoughts on “FasterEFT Totally Rocks!”

  1. Excellent overview of FasterEFT. I see a lot of people who are not ready to face and own their stuff. Kudos to you it only took a year to become willing. FasterEFT is not for sissies. Rock on! Love & Peace, Grace

  2. You have it all correct, you understand it, you’ll receive what you are wanting and holding within your being! Good Job. Making a difference in the world by making one within yourself. Peace Robert

    1. Robert Thank you for your words of encouragement, Looking at your pictures on Facebook made me so happy and inspired because it’s very clear you “walk the talk”, You live an amazing rockstar life! and You look fantastic as well. A real testament to the power of your work. Peace

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