Feed and Play with the Good Dog

I’m having breakthroughs with fasterEFT created by Robert Smith.  Breakthrough in the art of letting go.  Thanks to my persistence and me putting in time and energy to do the work in the Phone Booth, I am more emotionally intelligent than I have been my whole life.  I am aware when things come up that trigger negative emotions, I am more conscious of what part of the body this is coming from, and I’m even better at inquiring where and why I am being triggered.  FasterEFT has been a great tool to start letting go of these unconscious programs that I’ve been holding for a long time in a record fast speed.

I do my best to search out these inner demons and clean the emotions behind them.  And whenever stuff comes up during the day I mentally tap (that is mentally tapping the points) and say “Just let it go”, and “Peace”.  Or If I can find a place I’ll go ahead and do the real tapping.  But it’s getting easier and easier to “let go”…. It’s definitely a skill.  Something you get better at with practice and persistence.

Some big shifts has already taken place.  The things I once allowed myself to bug me and stress me out all day long…I can just let go and make peace with it.  I’m feeling good more and more through out the day for no reason. It’s getting easier and easier to affirm what I do want.  And when things come up, I just tap it away, so I’m releasing things at a very rapid rate.

Robert makes a great point in that the problems we have are there because we constantly practice at producing them and got real good at doing that, so we’re not broken, we’re very skilled.

I’m beginning to see how much BS I allowed myself to dwell in from day to day.  Just tons of self-sabotaging thought forms and feelings that are affirming for me constantly that I’m not good enough, I’m not good looking enough, I’m too shy, I’m too inexperienced, I’m too this or that.  And they were so prevalent in my life that I became so accustomed to it, this limiting identity.  And it was these bad feelings that I was desperately trying to escape from, by obsessing for external success…whether that be success with women, unhealthy attachment to outcome, approval seeking behavior, etc.

Something “clicked” for me when Robert said that affirmations doesn’t have to be positive.  They can also be negative, and that they don’t have to be words or statements you make, they can also be pictures in the mind, and feelings.  And that we are constantly affirming who we are each and every moment.  Big revelation because I realize how much negative programing I was constantly running and which was affirming who I was in the world.  And these things were pretty subtle too… It didn’t come in forms of clear statements in the mind… It came in much more elusive forms, different feelings in the body, sensations, and pictures in my mind of who I was(ex: I saw myself as ugly is one and it was real hard for me to visualize myself as sexy, and handsome)…let’s just say I’ve practiced and got real good at looking myself as broken and not good enough for a long time.  Positive affirmations would work temporarily but then they were no match for the strong negative emotions that were tied down to my self limiting beliefs.

So the process has been…searching for pains, uncomfortable feelings and memories and going through them fully, with presence, and tapping away the emotional trauma behind them.  For example…conjure the image I’ve had about myself with the belief that I’m ugly, and feel all the emotions that arises, take note at what part of the body it arises (for me: pains in the heart) and just aim at that feeling while tapping the points.  Watch some of Robert’s Videoes on Youtube for more in depth look at this process. And after a while the emotions cleanse up and the image in the mind changes automatically, it’s pretty amazing.  And I can begin to affirm for myself who I want to become.

It’s crazy, I’ve started to see physical changes…I’m starting to look different in the mirror. Now I don’t know if this is physical changes, or merely shifts in perception.  Kinda like how an anorexia person will still look in the mirror and see a fat person?Well whatever the case…It’s time to really start creating the sexy identity for myself that I want and deserve.

I leave you guys with some of Robert’s words that I really liked.

Memories buried alive never die, they will show back up in another pair of shoes usually in a bigger more uglier way Now that also happens in the exact same way in positive to guys… Good memories never die they keep showing up.

But I will tell you this, if you got a dog fight between two dogs… and the mean dog you been feeding and playing with a lot more than the good one, guess which one is gonna win? The mean dog.

Guys you are gonna have to start playing with the good dog little bit more. And what I mean by playing with the good dog, you need to get your happy journal out. Start practice feeling good, you need to start focusing on the good things. You need to make a point to go feel good for no apparent reason, other than you choose to do. Now if you do that your life is gonna naturally begin to change.” -Robert Smith


More to report on this letting go process soon. Peace.

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