Found an old picture of myself. Tongue Posture Progress. The Crane Headgear

Found an old picture of myself from December 22, 2010 on the left. The pic on right is new I just took 9/9/2014. Chewing is increasing my jaw size as you can see in the picture and making new progress with the tongue posture. started using the crane headgear again to see if I can get any change with it.


I just wanted to make a quick blog post since I was browsing and found an old pic.

2010 picture is before I did any work (self-NCR, face pulling, palate expansion)

I used to have more lopsided head shape, could be from birth trauma as I had forceps birth. but my head shape has smoothed out a lot over the years I believe directly from doing self-NCR on myself.

Also the right jaw (my right) is becoming wider and more defined lately from chewing. This is one of the definite changes I noticed in the mirror lately is the right jaw is getting bigger because I’ve been chewing extensively on that side since I I habitually chewed on the left before all my life and my left jaw was always bigger.

But now it seems not only has the right side been catching up but getting wider than the left it seems. I will begin chewing on both sides equally now.

You can see in my before picture how the left jaw is wider. and in my after pic the right side is tad bit wider now…

Cheekbone is getting a bit wider now too, question is how far can we go with this. The wider the skull becomes the less long and narrow. Mike Mew has nice wide & broad structures. They say people that have stronger muscle tone have wider distance between their pupils (center of eyes) in another words people with stronger jaw muscles have wider, shorter faces. Which is always a good thing imo. (so now you may begin to see why muscle tone is so important)

I only started incorporated more chewing like 4-5 months ago?

Next important thing is tongue posture and I didn’t know about proper tongue posture until like a month ago, so that’s another key area I was missing despite all this other work I was doing.

Tongue Posture

I’ve been reading that the tongue is a muscle and it can change sizes depending on how we use it.

My tongue posture is changing the more I practice back of the tongue techniques,its like I’m getting more and more of the tongue up there on the palate. Is it possible that the more we are using our tongue correctly, for example swallowing correctly but pressing that tongue on the roof, not only will the maxilla expand but our tongue will get bigger too?

Also noticed one thing, when I was half asleep the other day, the front of the tongue had come off the front part of the mouth due to gravity, I was laying on my back, but the back of the tongue seemed to still be “stuck” on the upper palate near the back of the mouth.

Let me know how you guys are doing with the new tongue posture.

Although its only been about 1 month I’m already noticing subtle changes and difference in head posture, more on this later.

The Crane


Also started using the crane again a month ago, just at night while I sleep which is like 7 hrs a day. Most drs. will say that’s not enough time.

But consider the above appliance used for sleep apnea which is designed to keep your lower jaw forwards to get the tongue out of the airway, my orthodontist Dr. Gibbs was telling me that they have found that over the course of years that appliance had the effect of permanently altering the bite of patients using it. (I think it had the effect of making the lower jaw jut forwards past the top jaw, like creating an under bite)

Its a bad appliance because it may move the lower jaw forward but it will also push the maxilla back, which is making the cause of the problem worse.

My point is, even that mouth piece only worn at night created change in the jaws when worn long enough over course of years, so why couldn’t the crane also accomplish some results after a while?

I’m just not sure how the maxilla will advance forwards. will it take the whole face forwards? or just the mouth part of the maxilla? will it change the cheekline? I will try to go more in depth later on this.

I never gave the crane a fair assessment as I only wore it for like 3 months in the past. Anyway I thought I’d give the crane another shot in the name of science and experiment, if I can get even a subtle change it may offer good testimonial for others because currently I can’t find anything online about it. No before afters of any results.

I was worried about stability before so that’s why I stopped but I’m less worried about it now. As it secures pretty tightly to the neck it feel pretty stable in most sleep positions, its just when tossing and turning/switching positions it won’t be 100% even or stable. But how often are we turning during the night ? I think most of the time we are laying still in one position.

IMO ultimately we want low long term forces to move bone, crane is worn 7 hrs a day for me, but my tongue is in my mouth 24 hours. so if anything it will be getting great tongue posture that will lead to real success… Crane just might help it because at night I’m not sure what’s going on with my tongue.

It’s been a month on the crane and practicing good tongue posture, although subtle results are seen, not enough to rave about just yet



3 thoughts on “Found an old picture of myself. Tongue Posture Progress. The Crane Headgear”

  1. Hey cp, have you read the book starecta method which talks about the lack of dental height being the main cause of postural issues? If you did what do you think about it?

    Also I’m assuming you believe that forward growth of the maxilla is possible in adults, if so, how much do you think is achievable in the long term? 1mm a year or so?

    1. I need to do more research on it, but here’s my general opinion on it just by quick glance.

      I do not like anything that goes between my teeth as I have noticed teeth in light contact posture is part of the solution for all of these jaw issues. And anything that opens the bite will lengthen the face and open the gonial angle of the lower jaw out, overtime.

      Ideal teeth height? This is achieved by keeping teeth in light contact for atleast 8 hrs a day. If teeth are not kept in contact they extrude, if they are in light contact they intrude. By keeping teeth together at rest, all the teeth balance each other out and the bite naturally closes and teeth height is normalized.

      What Starecta method seems to be doing is lifting the occipital bone up, which is how you straighten the neck and posture out. Why not do this naturally by lifting your head up with the occipital. Imagine a string attached to your occipital and it is pulling your head up. This will feel weird because now your chin is tucked in and face may be looking down, if you had vertical growth.

      The cause of forward head posture is vertical growth of the face, imo. so my concern with this treatment is does it really address the cause? and do you run the risk of increasing vertical height by trying to resolve it in this way?

      I know my neck posture is improving and relieving all kinds of tension in my neck by just holding my head up straight over my shoulders by lifting the occipital and proper tongue posture which support the head up.

      1. Well its just more than pulling up the occipital bone. I wish I could explain what’s written in the book. But according to these guys, the molar and pre molars should always be in contact and this force from the lower jaw corrects your heads centre of gravity. To me, great posture shouldn’t be a conscious effort. Postural muscles should me passive, and If you are consciously using them to hold a certain position, they’ll be come short and eventually fail. This is my opinion though from what I’ve researched.

        Just like faces don’t properly develop it could be possible that teeth height/width don’t developed the same way. There are a dentist called Dr. Stack who does something similar.

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