Giving Up

Few days before the Tuesday call of Stepping into Masculine Power.

I was watching a show on discovery channel called: I shouldn’t be alive.

I saw two episodes back to back, the first one was about this lady that got lost in the grand canyons for 20 days straight and survived…and I’m watching the show just enjoying the unfolding of this miraculous survival story, and the extreme range of emotions that she was going through night and day.  At the same time, I was thinking about Abraham Hick’s teachings about vibrational alignment…and wondering how is she going to find the escape if she’s focused on what’s going wrong, and feeling all the negative emotions… surely she’s at a negative point of attraction and her conditions won’t improve…

But I was also thinking about the powerful stream of well being, that’s been invoked by her powerful desire to live.  But how was she going to find vibrational alignment with it? she rarely(pretty much never) had moments of joy or happiness, and how could she? in such an extreme set of circumstances… life threatening… how much worse can it get.  But Maybe the stream is so powerful enough that it will carry her towards Life anyways?

By her great will alone she continued to try and find an escape out of the canyon but everything seemed very hopeless. She still managed to find little pieces that brought her hope (found a trickling water source that kept her alive, found a glass bottle that she could put water in so she can travel further from the water source to find an escape, found packs of wild horses that gave her hope of more water nearby or herders)

but mostly things seemed to be getting worse and worse, she tried to climb up a rock face and in the process dropped her precious glass bottle she found in the canyon that was filled with water and it shattered on the ground below, she climbed to the top only to realize it led no where, and she had to climb back down, wasting even more of her energy. Every action she seemed to be offering seemed to put her in a worse situation than before.

Her dog eventually leaves her.

A helicopter flies near by but couldn’t spot her past the valleys and the rock faces.

She begins to hallucinate and slowly loses faith.

At the end, she accepts that she will never get out of the canyon alive and gives up.  Lays down to die and after she is just waiting to die, these native trackers finally spot her and rescues her.

The second episode was the same way.  The guy after much effort to survive, finally gives up. Writes a farewell letter to his family and lays down to die.  Then suddenly a helicopter comes and rescues him.

Maybe just an coincidence, but maybe some truths in it as well, the art of allowing/receiving? the power of surrender?

I don’t know…just an interesting observation I made.

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