I am super excited to announce… www.HeroTransformation.com is finally live.

Rhett Bise, also known as SPG, who has been my personal mentor (providing me with one on one coaching and guidance) and the major source of inspiration for my growth in the last 3 to 4 months has FINALLY come out with his Incredible, MIND-BLOWING eBook.  The Phone Booth.

I had a chance to review the book before its release… And Honestly, this is the most complete, and profound transformational system I have ever seen.  Everything is there.  The tools, the insights, the wisdom, the path.  No doubt has been refined and refined again by much suffering, (trial and error) from his own journey of personal evolution.  If I had to keep one personal development book, (and I have read many) it would be this one.

His writing is excellent, his way of communicating this stuff will motivate you like no other.  His message will truly resonate with your soul.  That deepest part of you will ‘get it’ instantly.  He has truly found The Path to real and authentic transformation, and is now sharing it with the world so more of us can “get there” in the most direct way possible.

The Phone Booth: Step into the Hero You Are Meant To Be!!!

Much like the Phone Booth Clark Kent goes into to transform into Superman.

This is only the beginning… Stay tuned.





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