Insight #2 about Tongue Posture

To report my second day of correcting tongue posture it’s way different feel of the tongue on the roof now. And I feel the forces being exerted is shifting.

Almost like the tongue is inside my throat partially, And slight feeling of getting in my air way little bit.

This is day 2 of rising my back of the tongue to the roof and I’m notice its a significant change in the posture.

Instead of the tongue staying low and then rising to the front on the mouth.

This picture may better illustrate this.


This is how my tongue was before, notice the back of the tongue is still low.


This is apparently how the tongue should be.

Notice the back of the tongue is all the way up on the roof.

Do the cheesy smile swallow I explained previous blog, to get that feel back of the tongue going up there and practice  raising it up there.

It’s getting easier and easier for me but at first it was really awkward.

Now It just feel that I have more of my tongue on the roof. And Dr. Mike Mew told me this is the key because the back of the tongue is controlled by subconscious and once learned it will stay up there and that’s what helps to drive the maxilla up in the face. That steady, weak, long duration pressure.

Also the force of the tongue I feel is more back of the mouth now and some in the front by the tip of tongue still on the spot behind the front two teeth, where as before it was only at the front of the mouth, so there is a big difference taking place as far as the force that my tongue is exerting on the maxilla.

This difference in feeling tells me there is more of my tongue thats on the roof now. This probably means I will see way better progress from here on out as long as I keep training this posture.

I went to the gym today and I was working out and I already noticed some changes in the face taking place. This is pretty amazing so I wanted to share with ya’ll quickly.

Again it’s quite shocking that all this time I was really dedicated about tongue posture but chances are I was still doing it wrong.

Practice makes perfect.

6 thoughts on “Insight #2 about Tongue Posture”

  1. Great find.

    Shouldnt be to hard create some sort of appliance or whatever to
    help the tongue be in the proper posture with the back of the tongue in place should it?

    1. maybe, its hard to imagine an appliance that can accomplish this without causing major discomfort. since back of the tongue is nearly in your throat, at the very back of your mouth.

      Day 4, it feels that simply repetition and consistency seems to be the key to this, and the back of the tongue seems to “learn” a new way of being inside the mouth.

      You know there things like the crane and face pulling, but what if this was the big missing element here, like because the back of my tongue is now on the roof, it feels that there is now upwards and forward force exerting on the entire palate, that’s the whole base of the maxilla. To me that is more significant than putting forces in front of the mouth temporarily.

      Because ideally if the tongue gets right this light force will be exerted on the maxilla all the time. The right kind of forces (Up and Forwards). And we all know what light forces over long period of time does to bones.

      Where as with face pulling and crane the force are felt towards the front of the mouth and its only part of the day, with the back of the tongue the force feels like its coming from back of the mouth.

      There will be more to report on this as I gain more experience.

  2. Have you tried swallowing and holding your breath? i’ve been trying that and I find the only way I can make that feeling stick is if I take a deep breath, cheesy smile and then swallow + hold for 10-15 seconds before relaxing.

    1. yea i know what you mean, I don’t need to hold my breathe though, but its sort of freezing the swallow mid way. and I continue to nasal breathe.

      1. Nice. I’m also asian and have a similar face structure to you… I’m wondering, did you tend to stick your head out forwards?

        One thing I found was that if I stuck my tongue to the palate and shifted my head backwards, I was able to breathe more easily. Perhaps it’s really a reversal of the head-forward muscle compensation too.

        1. Yes I def had forward head posture. Most of us do. I used to get sore neck.
          But as I put the tongue on the roof and focus on getting the head back up right on top of my shoulder I notice I no longer get sore neck.
          Imagine there is a string tied to back of your head (the occipital bone) that is pulling your head up.
          This helps to get that upright head posture. Your chin will tuck in. but you start to notice tension relieving in the neck.

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