Kargan Kenesh – found very good information on chakras


Just came across this man, who really impressed me with what he had to share on the interview, and just his general calm, centered sense of being.  He has a two very cool exercises… One to gain presence, and centeredness, and the other is to activate chakras.  He also has a blog and on that site I found really good information about chakras, which is inspiring me to put some attention/focus to them.  I also have this overarching intention to more carefully manage where I put my energy and focus through out my day, it is my intention to deactivate patterns of thoughts and habits that do not serve me by more selectively choosing the thoughts, and activities that serve me better.  I’m starting to really understand the “you can not push problems away” concept. It’s through consciously being aware of where we are putting our focus, and selectively sifting those that feel better, that deactivate resistance by our lack of attention to them, and attention to something else. Developing new better patterns of thoughts that are healthy for us.

Any way this information on chakras is phenomenal. Worth the look.


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