Killer Ross Jeffries Beliefs

One of the things I’ve been really enjoying is building/utilizing this power point slide where I have all these slides of inspirational, educational things from bunch of different sources and people.  My vision board is on it to.  and also affirmations I like. I have it on my iPhone so I can access it anytime, anywhere.  It’s sort of like the quote page on this site but expanded and with pictures.  I’ve tried bunch of other apps, like quote apps and shit like that to do this but I found this to be the easiest.  I’m actually sticking to it and find it tremendously helpful.

Whenever I find something GOOD I add it in there.

I found some killer beliefs from Ross Jeffries(the father of pick up and seduction), that he instills in his students and himself that I found to be just awesome and in congruent with what I’m learning atm.  Ok here it is. I particularly love the first one.

“Anything seemingly or actually painful is only coming up to be handled, healed, learned from, released, transmuted, transformed refined into pure energy for my grounding, my balance, my happiness independent of circumstances, my vision of whom I already everyday am more and  more becoming.”

that “vision” = my ideal self vision

and here are some others, he calls these “Learning Beliefs”

“I can and will decide what I learn from each and every situation, circumstance, action, response and person in my life.”

“At any moment I can connect in with a source of wisdom, power and ability that is virtually without limit.”

“I’ll either get what I want or enjoy learning what I need to get what I want or better.”

Ross Teaches a ritual to instill these beliefs, I think it’s NLP… basically you envision a circle and you step into it, and step out in each direction North, East, South, West, step out of the circle and envision the belief or the resource coming into your body.  This way you involving your mind and body to embody these beliefs, like Incantations.  Something to play with for sure, but I like to keep my tools limited so I get better at them without getting over whelmed.  Right now I like using self hypnosis, basically relaxing and instilling the belief by affirming it and visualizing it.

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  1. I was so happy to read this. I’m a good friend of Ross’ and the beliefs is my favorite part of all of his teaching!

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