Letting Go of the False Ego


“In the world you have trouble, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world, the world is the psychic atmosphere of guilt and limitation, and while you are on the earth.  Untill you’re so enlightened that you do not believe in the lies of the world anymore.  You must heal your lie everyday.  Let yourself work on yourself each day before you go out in the world so that you go out… as a Master.  So that you go out knowing the truth.  So you go out knowing who and what you are and knowing what God is.  Do not be intimidated by the forms of your life, Do not be intimidated by your “problems”, keeping coming back to the truth everyday.  You go to the source of your problems, which is the part of yourself where you have not forgiven, the parts of yourself where you are hating yourself, the parts of yourself where you are holding on to anger and grievances.  Let the hand of god go to those parts of yourself, and transform them by declaring your innocence, your worthiness, your deservingness. Letting grace causing you to feel all of that… And as you do that your outer life will start reflecting back to you the Love that you are.  But if you throw yourself in your outer life, and you look at all of your problems and all of these things, you become lost in that darkness.”

“So I received these words from the holy spirit before you all got here.”

“Stay focused in me, stay focused in the truth that you are my holy beloved creation, my holy beloved light, in whom I am always so very well pleased.  Stay focused in the truth of  your innocence and perfection just as you are.  Be aware, be conscious, of the part of yourself that wants you to believe that you are flawed and lacking.  Be aware of part of yourself that does not love itself.  This is the false ego, your false self.  This is not you.  When you have not open consciously to my light within… you believe it is you.  But it is not you.  You are my daughter, my son, and you are innocence and perfection just as you are.  You deserve to have the false self, the false ego undone.  So that you never suffer anything again.”

I deserve to have my false self undone….  I deserve to have false ego undone….  So that I never suffer anything again….


This is what I’ve been going through lately, letting go of the false ego.  I’ve been focusing on the release process in Rhett Bise’s new book, the Phone Booth.  The release or the letting go process is one of the major step in the transformative process laid out in his book.  I see it as the single most important step towards your divine essence.  Which is the access to your natural beauty, confidence, peace, and joy.

In meditation, having the courage to look to those places of darkness, (places I do not want to admit is there). and old pain and guilt.  As loving, discerning witness, looking at the thought patterns and the habits I have everyday and really going deep inside to find out what is causing these behaviors.  Finding places of resistance, and tension and asking those places what it needs from me.  It’s been a very interesting, eye opening experience so far.

This one experience, I was self inquiring about a tension I had over my inability to be more open in certain social situations.  The tension spoke back to me in a little kid’s voice and in Japanese.  That said “Mou E ye ne kairetai”, which means “I’m tired of this, I just want to go back home.”  It was a little kid part of me that was angry at my mother and father for forcing me to move out of Japan to America.  Closing off was my source of empowerment, my way of getting back at my parents, telling them that I’m miserable here and that they need to take me back home, out of America.  My intent was to make them feel bad for what they have done to me.  And to some degree, I accomplished some of that…

So the process was to bring loving acceptance to that part of me, and thanking it for serving it’s well intentioned purpose.  And giving it the resources it needs.  Which was ultimately, Love.  See, I realized that I’ve been really hurt by my parents decision to move to America, I was having the time of my life there, I had a ton of friends, and a girl that I was hanging out with (this was in 3rd grade elementary).  And no matter how much I cried and begged them, they wouldn’t budge… I felt hurt, powerless, and helpless.  I perceived that experience as my parents not loving me, I guess I could say it was one of my first big traumatic experiences in my life.

Letting go of the frustration, and anger towards my parents.  Letting that part of me know what I know now.  Letting it know that I do love living here in the states and that whole experience was perfect as it was, and it was exactly what I intended on a deeper level.  My parents still loved me regardless, and the humility that my parents must of been hurt as well, seeing me in pain.

Eventually deep peace and stillness spread throughout my body. and I felt the shift happen.  I am seeing how much this release work is affecting my way of being and my personality in subtle and not so subtle ways all together.  And probably on levels I am not aware of at the moment.  Regardless, I’m loving this feeling of peace and openness in my body after a release.  It has affected me positivity… how I speak, and how I hold eye contact with people was something I noticed right away.

One thing I can say at this point is this… This “release work” takes some practice getting used to.  Sometimes this self inquiry will happen where I’ll hear the tension talking back to me and I have these revelations about myself and sometimes it doesn’t happen.  Sometimes the tension just disappears and I’m not really sure if I released it or what.  My advice is to keep practicing and keep playing with it.

I’m definitely still new to this, as Rhett Bise mentioned in his book this work of transforming yourself does take diligent practice, but it’s one of the most rewarding skills to master.  The real gift is in this skill to change yourself for YOU, so you can keep evolving forever. I’ve already experienced some glimpses of the power of these tools, and for that I am very grateful.  Quite an awesome experience.


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