Maxilla responsible for facial aesthetics, Dr. John Mew’s speech


Dr. Mew is the creator of orthotropics, which is in my eyes, the future of orthodontics. Watch towards 8:50 in the video, he begins talking about the importance of maxilla in creating beautiful faces, and how the maxilla ought to be brought forward in the face.

Orthotropics addresses the cause of why we have crooked teeth in the first place, that is… we have underdeveloped jaws. When a kid has buck teeth, a traditional orthodontic approach is to pull the “stuck out”, buckteeth back using braces. Well this does not address the cause of the problem, what the orthodontist should do, and what orthotropics does is, to first and foremost begin developing the jaws and the palate. Expand the palate as well as bring the entire palate/maxilla forward in the face.  So we are going forward, not backwards like traditional orthodontist. So for the kid with buckteeth, instead of bringing the buckteeth back, bring the entire maxilla forward to “catch up” with the buckteeth. The lower jaw will come forward as well.

When everything is pulled back, the nervous system and the brain takes a toll because now there’s less room, the air canal is jeopardized and you become prone to sleep apnea, and when the maxilla is pulled back… your lower jaw (mandible) has to come back and so your chin will recede and appear “weak”. Now you become a real candidate TMJ. Your whole face will be affected as well. If you want to see what this looks like go here:

So what can be done if you are already an adult and had orthodontics as a child and had everything brought backwards…?  a good place to start would be face pulling: a radical new technique that begins to slowly pull the maxilla forward and create new bone growth in adults.

I have been face pulling for 2 months now. Although changes are still subtle, I can tell I am better looking. My cheekbones are beginning to come out. and from side view my face has a little more depth, and less flat in appearance. It seems there’s better balance on both sides of the face.

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  1. Did you also do NCR? I’ve done one session of NCR, and my palate came forward on the first day. Had it done by Hillary Lampers, ND. I’m missing too many teeth to do the facial pulling, so I’m hoping NCR will take care of that. I had a major improvement in just my first session.

    I think this stuff is awesome! Good luck!

  2. I am curious how does the face pulling device look like? Is it a retainer that you have to hook and pull by using a helmet? I have read it in one of the blogs. Very fascinating.

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