Mental Tapping in Bed, Following the Fascinating Unconscious Trails


Mental tap is really useful (I do it everywhere), And I discovered a great place to do it is in my bed, getting ready to sleep or especially waking up in the morning.  I have things come up in my dreams or right before I’m fully awake(that’s when I notice my thoughts are full of garbage to clear out, and feelings too), when my arms are too tired to do the real tapping.  I can just do the mental tap and I’m discovering more and more peace in the morning.  It’s also amazing how our unconscious brings up things in our dreams to heal.

Like I had a dream today, or a nightmare that I was on probation again and I blew numbers, it was a lady officer and she told me I was going to be in trouble, and I felt the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness, and then in my dream I remembered I was off probation already and told her she can’t get me in trouble.

So this morning I tapped on the negative feelings of powerlessness and helplessness, used the quick tap method and found out these feelings led to my early childhood,  The lady officer in my dream felt like my mom, a woman of higher authority. The unconscious trails led back to when my mom would make me do things I didn’t want to do, like taking me to preschool that I hated, taking me to violin lessons that I hated, and memories of my mother being really cold, & harshly denying my desire for toys and such. I could still see that face on my mom. and my inner child was still carrying the hurt.

I’m always so fascinated by where these trails lead back to.

I also love this idea that our unconscious mind is very smart, in fact it’s the inner genius, that learns how to do things, so it learns to become good at “releasing” and making the desired internal changes.  Just like how our unconscious has mastered the skills of riding a bike, a car, and the multitude of other daily skills that require no conscious effort.

So it makes sense that it can also master this awesome skill of Release.

“The more you do it, the better it is, the more effective it works, sometimes what I do is, I notice it, I take a deep breath, and “peace” and it just goes away. It really releases it. See the unconscious mind is so smart. It learns and knows how to make the changes.” -Robert G. Smith

“As you become more aware of how you release and integrate the exercises, begin releasing throughout your day as things come up. Making letting go a daily practice keeps your channels open and encourages spontaneous release.  Eventually releasing will become a subconscious practice that will happen without your conscious direction.  But continue to make a conscious effort at releasing.” -Rhett Bise


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