More EFT videos -Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton

I found some really neat, EFT videos today… Can I share them with you? CAN I?!?!?! lol

I guess they made a documentary about EFT, very similar to the secret.

Anyway I really like the part by Mr. Vitale, I like how he tells us he uses EFT on EVERYTHING lol… I love the simplicity of his message.



ok, well this isn’t the first time I’ve tried EFT, I’ve known about this technique for well over a year or two, I’ve tried it a few times but never had any breakthroughs with it.  I never stuck with it. But this time I feel like I’m doing this technique in a whole new way.  With my work with the phone booth, I’m more experienced at locating the tensions and having awareness in my body and the different feelings in the body.  I’m more conscious about the different thought forms and how they relate to different beliefs I am holding in my system.  And as I tap I can literally feel the energy move and I’m beginning see tangible results.  The tension disappears or there’s a clarity of mind and peace afterwards, thinking differently.

The goal is to create internal shifts, not so that I can “get things” but so I can step closer and closer to the ideal self that I’ve been dreaming about. And this approach keeps me centered and aligned to what’s important.  That is…I’m on this journey for ME.  I’m changing for ME. Not for anybody else. And I believe this shift in approach alone is the reason EFT is working so well for me this time around.

I’m not tapping and waiting to see if “the girl” will come into my life, I’m tapping to see what kind of internal shifts I experience.  How can I love more of myself including the ugly, and the dark?  How can I be more fulfilled, happy, and at peace in this moment?  How can I begin to let go of my need for “outside things”? How can I begin to let go of things that I’ve been torturing myself with?

And so I’m seeing that my approach to this whole thing is wayyyy different than what it was a year ago, heck even 3-4 months ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still catch myself seeking outside approval and me “wanting” things to happen in order to feel loved, good enough, fulfilled, etc.  But

All I can say is, it’s a process.  I simply catch myself, and refocus.  “Fall down seven, Get up eight.” More and more I’m able to find that deeper sense of self worth, joy, and power from within.  Step by step I’m getting there.

More info on the documentary, including trailers, and interview by Bob Proctor and Bruce Lipton.  Which are both really good.. can be viewed here:

Anyway, I’m tapping through out the day as different things come up, I’ll report more on it soon.


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