No longer wearing retainers & Tongue Chewing

After I completed my orthodontics of reversing 4 bicuspid extraction, I had the biobloc stage 3 built for me as a night time wear retainer, which has flanges on it that prevent the mouth from opening at night, also takes up minimal space on the roof of the tongue, nonetheless there is still some acrylic at the roof that does get in the way of the tongue.

I feel that the biobloc stage 3 is the best option for a retainer because it works on improving your posture. I used to notice for a long time that my jaws would hang slightly apart if I wasn’t consciously trying to keep them together, I believe this is due to the fact that when leaving your mouth open is your regular posture, the length of your chew muscles have adopted to that length and the jaws would naturally come apart at rest. In order to change this requires conscious effort to keep them closed as much as you can remember to, and over time the jaw muscle length will shorten. Wearing biobloc stage 3 helps accomplish this a great deal and after nearly a year night time wear on it, I felt confident in trying out not wearing them at night.

For the last 1-2 month, I have stopped wearing this retainer all together and so far my teeth alignment seems to be holding just fine. As I make sure that I keep my muscle tone of the jaw up with daily gum chewing, and making sure I am swallowing properly, and at rest I am adopting the lip sealed, teeth lightly together with the tongue on the roof of the mouth. I feel that I am seeing more new levels of progress, improving visually in the cranial facial complex.

This is a very good video by Mike Mew regarding this topic

Tongue Chewing

One week ago, I started incorporating “tongue chewing” and I’m already quite amazed at what this exercise is doing. I am seeing noticeable changes in such a short time, I really truly feel it has pushed my maxilla more up and forwards in the face already.

I have found that using regular store bought stick gum that is soft is the best for doing this exercise. So far seems like a great exercise to add in to do on a regular basis, looking forward to continue with it. I’m already noticing more volume in the lower half of the face and slight different on the nose also.

You will feel your tongue get sore like its never gotten before with this exercise, which leads me to think that the tongue itself will get stronger over time causing it to naturally displace the maxilla more forwards and up in the face just on that sheer factor alone.



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  1. Hi CP,

    A quick question about the Stage 3 Biobloc. Did you ever need to have it adjusted, or did you simply wear it as a retainer?


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