Pivoting, Deeper Understanding of the Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks

I started reading Abraham Hicks – Money and the Law of Attraction eBook on my iPhone.  And had a breakthrough day yesterday, where this lesson in the book totally Clicked for me and I started vibrating consciously.  I’ve been aware of Abraham Hicks for a while, and in the beginning I had like immediate success with it, at attracting things into my life, and then that thing I didn’t want to happen, happened and I had a period where I lost complete faith in the Law of Attraction, I began thinking Positive thinking is BS, a lot of effort and wishful thinking.  And thoughts about “Law of Attraction isn’t enough to get me that thing”, which was emerging from this strong doubt about myself.  I even started hating some people that were positive all the time, I was carrying some anger and resentment that things didn’t turn out the way I had hoped.

Lol and I stopped listening to Abraham completely, I even started feeling annoyed by her voice that was reeking with positivity. 

And all this shadow work has got me to forget the importance of positive thinking and deliberately feeling good, I was constantly looking for negative emotions and triggers, and things for me to fix and heal. And maybe I needed to go to that place so I can obsorb this better.

Recently I’ve been drawn to Abraham Hicks videos on youtube again, and just a few days ago I dove right into this book, Money and the Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks, and had a moment like yeah what Abraham is talking about is 100% true when reflecting back to my life.  Her explanation of the Law is fucking spot on.  And I used to think “she doesn’t have all the pieces of the puzzel”, But the law proved itself true again and again…Abraham was right.

That whatever we focus on we end up attracting…even if we don’t want it.  And this time around I had this expanded view on what they were talking about, I wasn’t just reading to “get that thing”, I was reading so I can better understand myself, and apply what they were saying to personal development. 

What stuck out to me so much was this process that they call Pivoting.  Basically in every situation you are focused on either what you want or what you do not want.  One makes you feel good and the other makes you feel bad.  Noticing what you do not want gives us the opportunity to better decide what we really want.  And our emotions and feelings are perfectly working guiding system that lets us know what we are focusing on, (where we are vibrating, what we are attracting) 

So I started applying this immediately, and had this epiphany moment like wow I am running many unconscious programs that look for things that are wrong all the time. When I’m really paying attention to my feelings, I started questioning every thought I had.  I may be thinking that I’m focusing on things I want, but infact if I’m feeling bad in that moment, I’m actually focusing on the *lack* of that thing that I want.  A light bulb like went off in my head. It’s a tricky little point so I wanna stress on this, two thoughts of desire could be on completely different points of attraction. Let me explain, if you think “I want more money” and are feeling bad as you do it, you’re focusing on the lack of money, but if you think “I want more money” and feeling excited about money coming into your life, feeling good about the entertaining thought of having more money then you’re on track to attracting money into your life.  Same words, but totally different vibrations/point of attraction.  And attraction is happening moments later, it’s not this drawn out “wait and see” thing, you can see it immediately as you began to attract same kinds of thoughts.

I started reframing all my thought processes, if I’m feeling any negative emotions I would stop and ask myself “Ok what is it that I want in this situation” and an aswer would come, and I began focusing on already having what it is that I wanted, or even just a better feeling thought, like “oh I now know what I do want, and just thinking about me getting that makes me feel better” and I would begin to feel better, more open, more pleasurable in my skin.  And this applies to my personal development work at every level, for example

if I see someone and I began to feel bad because I see a quality in them that I believe I lack, catching myself in that moment, ok I’m focused on what’s wrong about me, what I don’t want. realizing that this only attracts more of the same bad feeling thoughts, no need to get down on myself because I thought that, or no need to figure it out, just stop, breathe, thank that bad feeling for giving me guidance and ask what is it that I really want? and I would give myself that quality(imagining I already posses it inside me), and immediately begin to feel better, that one shift created a shift in my point of attraction and I began thinking similiar, better feeling thoughts right after the other.  I was really embodieing the lessons!

Pretty soon the words in the book were coming to life right before my eyes, and it blew my mind, The statement went something like this… “it doesn’t take long for circumstances to change, feeling good and feeling good circumstances must follow, it is Law.”  I began attracting feeling good circumstances.

I went to an indoor soccer game to watch my brother play with my dad, two different occassion where a parent came up to me and struck up fun conversations, my dad and I had good times, he was feeling good because I was feeling good, went out to lunch and felt attraction with this hot asian waitress, my friend from Ohio came up and had a great time at the bar which was inside the indoor soccer complex lol, and had this moment where my friend(who’s a really talkative guy) began talking to the bartender and I was aware about my feelings, I started worrying that I wasn’t being talkative enough.  That my friend from Ohio might think less of me if I don’t make a connection with the bartender. But in the midst of all that I stopped and Pivoted to what I wanted. Which was I just wanted to have a good time with my friend and the bartender, and I shifted, I began feeling better, and more relaxed, I started smiling and laughing a lot more, because I imagined that I already had it.  I imagined I already had rapport and comfort with the bartender and was focused on having a good time and feeling good. Suddenly an interesting thing happened, the bartender began initiating conversation with me, despite my friend’s constant chit chat.  She was asking me about my college, and her story about how she went there to party when she was younger.  That positive adjustment in my thinking snow balled into this really fun time at the bar.  Even this other lady working there struck up a small chit chat with me. 

Went to my bro’s final championship game, we got there all drunk with our drunk, hollering positive energy, 15 min left in the game, and I chose to imagine them winning and feeling good that it was happening, few minutes later they scored and tied it, they went to overtime PK’s and my bro’s team ended up winning. Quite possibly just a coincidence, but I’d like to think that I had some part in it. 🙂

This was a “Lesson on LoA Day” I felt like.  I literally felt like I was attracting those positive outcomes, it was a very empowering feeling.  This Pivoting process is really powerful, and being positive is really important or rather Feeling GOOD is really important, and I strive to make this a habitual thing, and I believe with enough practice I can literally train myself to thinking more positive all the time(err…*feeling more positive all the time), and have it run unconsciously just like the opposite has been working for a long time.  And I really got the sense of how this “shift in focus by paying attention to our feelings” can affect every little part of life, from the small things to the big things, and I believe to even things that we think is outside our control.

and It gave me more clarity as to who my Ideal Self is. Someone who understands the law, and is aware of where he is vibrating at.  A man who’s happiness and feel good comes from within, and makes it his responsibility, his point to feel good for no reason.

Positivity is cool yo.


4 thoughts on “Pivoting, Deeper Understanding of the Law of Attraction, Abraham-Hicks”

  1. OMG this is such a wonderful story, it could have be me writing this(no not really, I feel it all but often to hard to give words to it lol)
    But you present it in a superb way, that gave me goosebumbs lol, I just love your writing and processing the LOA in your life!!!

    lol I was listening to a vid on YT about pivoting and then after that, got the google mail about all sorts of stuff about LOA and Abraham-Hicks, …..and yours came up so well there you go lol
    Much appreciation for you.

  2. I have the LofA app for my iPhone and a card came up that talked about pivoting. Didn’t know what that meant…so your blog appeared in search when I googled it. Thank you for helping me grasp this concept in a real-world kind of way. I like the way you write, too. Definitely going to follow you on Twitter! Thanks so much.

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