Roses of Love

Just re-posting an inspiring FB post I found today by Savonn Champelle

Savonn Champelle: I’ve never felt this way about LOVE….I’ve never felt So Good…Never felt this way about Love….and it feels………..good!!! God I Love being in LOVE with Savonn….I am feeling a power deep within me I have never felt before…..I feel invincible!!! Love of Self is such a powerful thing!

Some Girl: How do u do it/get just starting out and i need to know 🙂

Savonn Champelle: The first step is to make your relationship with YOU a priority over everything else. Then take time out with just YOU, have play dates with yourself. Have I LOVE ME Days with yourself. Get to know all of you, your quirks strengths and weaknesses and accept them all as perfect. The more you accept all of you with compassion, then you can accept and LOVE all others. Nothing and NO one can ever define you or steal your joy because now you are tapped into your own Divinity within….Its a magical feeling that cannot be explained but has to be experienced!!!

Some girl: hmm, good gonna try that. Thanks brother

Savonn Champelle: Everytime you look in the mirror, look deep within your own eyes and say to yourself. I LOVE AND ACCEPT YOU, ALL OF YOU…just the way you are……YOU DO NOT need to change anything or BE anything other that what you are now….and let the energy of that statment resonate through you….do it everytime you see your own reflection….and watch the buds of fear within your heart begin to blossom into fully bloomed Roses of LOVE. You will be infectious and your life will change b4 your own eyes. God Bless Sis!

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  1. Wow I just found this repost! Thank you for posting this! I remember this conversation!

    Brightest Blessings
    Savonn Champelle

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