Salts for Teeth Re-mineralization, Iodine + TSP to kill


Recent new discovery on how to mineralize teeth using salts to alkalize saliva, and killing cavity forming bacteria from the mouth for good with iodine.

About 6 months back, I noticed I had developed some cavity at the gum line and I have been trying to reverse this ever since, in the process learning much about teeth re-mineralization.

I had always watched my sugar intake but at the time I had slacked a bit, and was drinking some red bull, Aloe drinks which has lots of sugar, and some donuts, I can’t say for sure if this was the cause or it could be my constant drying out of the mouth by mew push swallows all the time, which I have also recently found that cavity near the root is caused by dry mouth.

Anyway I have adopted the diet protocol as taught by Weston Price that most people find out about on subject of remineralizing teeth.

Increase of saturated fats (fat soluable vitamins, 3 in particular seems to be important for teeth, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2. People recommend Cod Liver Oil which I’ve tried but after hearing about the unsafe contaminants in these fish products I have decided to discontinue my use.

I am eating grass-fed butter though which contains Vitamin A, D, K2. I am buying the Kerri Gold Butter which I can find at my local groceries.

But something was still missing despite the dietary efforts, what I am recently discovering is that that our saliva is the key for regenerating teeth, it is the saliva that contains the minerals for our teeth and anti-bacterial properties. So when doing posterior tongue exercises best to make sure our mouth is salivated at the same time…

Over the last several months testing out different things, I have seen what factors caused my teeth to re-mineralize and de-mineralize as I saw my teeth get more or less sensitive depending on what I was doing (and I can feel the thickness difference when I tough it), and it was quite fascinating to see teeth fluctuating in as little as 1 day, this experience taught me without question that our teeth are constantly in flux.

Although teeth do get mineralized from inside out, it also gets mineralized from our saliva.

If bones in our bodies can heal, why can’t our teeth?

#1 PH of Saliva

Our saliva must be alkaline or PH7 for mineralization. When saliva becomes acidic minerals are leeched from teeth. Therefore being mindful of PH of our saliva becomes critical for Oral Health. This is still quite new to me but I’m already seeing great results just by ensuring alkaline saliva, here is what I’m doing.

The presence of food inside the mouth seem to make the saliva acidic. This is body’s mechanism to help breakdown food and disinfect it. Consider that our stomach acid is…Very Acidic! Having acid is vital for our body to destroy pathogens and digest food properly. Body seem to have remarkable ability to first turn the saliva acidic to aid this process.

The problem is when we constantly munch on snacks all day long, or we get food stuck in our mouth, this may cause our saliva to be acidic for too long causing de-mineralization and some of harmful bacteria can begin to eat some of these food particles which causes more acids to form that further demineralize and make teeth prone to cavity, which is really infection from the cavity bacteria infesting on teeth and gums.

Especially when we have braces and food can easily get stuck, it becomes important to brush (and possibly floss) after each meal so you can get the saliva back to alkaline as quickly as possible.

Also after every meal there’s few things I have studied that causes saliva turn back to alkaline faster.

1. Eating Cheese after meal: Cheese is known to cause saliva turn alkaline, I have heard that ancient cheese cultures would eat cheese after meal

Article Eating Cheese Neutralizes Acid in the mouth

2. Xylitol: Causes saliva to go alkaline, also inhibits/kills harmful bacteria, this is sugar replacement but those critters can’t digest it. I’ve ordered some recently to use in new tooth paste I’m making but I do not have personal experience with it yet.

3. Salt solution will alkalize, so what I’m doing is washing my mouth with TSP (trisodium phosphate solution)

Also came across this video

James Min talks a lot of similar thing as Tony Pantalleresco so I paid attention, but unlike Tony since he is trying to sell his own product I’m bit dubious if his “Miracle Salt” has any more efficacy than regular sea salt or TSP solution but I have ordered it and began trying it yesterday. I am skeptical but we will see if I notice anything with it. People have reported healthier gums.

I am putting a pinch in my mouth and I have noticed more saliva forming.

So I plan on using TSP solution after every meal and then trying a pinch of this miracle salt after every meal and see what happens.

Tony and James share the following similar message about salts:

Salt is essential for our bodies.

Salt regulates and balances our blood pressure, contrary to populate belief that says salt raises blood pressure.

Salt detoxes cells, Body will use it to detox the brain first & foremost.

Salt hydrates. Tony says drink glass of water with sea salt once every 3 hours and by the 3rd or 4th time, you will notice all your muscles are filled with fluid and looking strong. This is also contrary to populate wisdom.

James Min is also claiming his salt is hydrating, and I am looking to increase hydration for increased saliva production as this is the area I am really targeting to help remineralize teeth.

Of course good nutrition is probably needed but I will go into that little bit later as that will take a whole blog post on its own.

Before nutrition though I think taking care of the PH of saliva is primary importance.

#2 Killing Bad Bugs: Another equally important thing is actually killing the bacteria that is known to be the culprit of cavities. This is the video you want to watch

“While multiple bacteria play a role in cavities, the primary culprit is a nasty strain of bacteria (streptococcus mutans) that thrives by producing acid. These evil bacteria make tooth-eating acid as they feed on the carbohydrates they find on teeth. The acid eats away at teeth creating the holes we call cavities.”

“Of course, our own behavior can further the bacteria’s destructive work, especially if we regularly consume acidic drinks like soda, sports drinks and coffee or if we snack on foods throughout the day. But the primary culprit is still these nasty bacteria. If you seem to always have a problem at the dentist, it’s because the bacteria are winning.

If it were as simple as brushing and flossing, you wouldn’t hate the dentist. But the truth is: brushing and flossing can only remove a limited amount of bacteria.”

“And once your mouth is healthy, your saliva can actually remineralize damaged parts of your teeth by depositing calcium and minerals where acid attacks have left their marks. ”

David Kennedy DDS is the doctor in the video that is talking about killing these bugs for good with irrigation (water pick) with a solution that these bugs cannot stand.

I thought gargling the salty solution was enough but David Kennedy said in one of the youtube comments that gargling is not enough, he strongly recommends water pick

so I went out and bought one for $50 at CVS and because he recommends saturated salt solution with sea salt and baking soda! Which is perfect because Tony’s TSP solution is tri-sodium phosphate and baking soda.

And what is baking soda known for? Alkalizing!

Its all fitting together like a puzzle. I am using Tony’s TSP solution for the water pick and I put several drops of 5% lugol’s Iodine which Dr. Kennedy claims kills these bugs on contact

It is profound to notice the difference in freshness of breath upon waking. What if the cause of cavity & bad breath was really these critters which we inherited and they don’t really belong in our mouth? & we can get rid of them for good?

Iodine is also type of salt, it has many other awesome properties, like supporting the thyroid and taking out radiation from the body. But Salts basically kills these bugs by dehydrating them, as these bugs don’t have any skin so what I am doing before going to bed is after water picking with TSP solution with iodine which btw makes the teeth feel much cleaner than just brushing, I again rinse my mouth with diluted TSP solution with drop or two of iodine, and then just go to bed with sort of salty taste in the mouth, and let the salts go to work while I sleep. The phosphorus in the TSP solution also help put minerals back into teeth.

What is the implications to our oral health & general health as the blood cleans out when our immune system no longer has to fight these things in our mouth but begin to take the upper hand and kill these guys throughout the body?

Unfortunately I have not gone to the doctor to get the blood sample or saliva studied to show the before & after, but I believe I am killing these suckers off because I am seeing the difference in the mouth when waking up.

It should go without saying that always having fresh breath has great implications for relationships.

I am all for becoming impervious to cavities, and having really mineralized teeth which makes them whiter and shiner.

I love the idea of treating the cause, which is killing these “bad bugs” for good.

-More to report soon.

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  1. This is super-interesting! I’ve just ordered David Kennedy’s book and looking forward to learning more. Thanks a bunch for posting this, I think it might be the missing link I was looking for.

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