Showing Up!!!

“Whenever you are trying to make changes in your life, it is important to remember that the most important trait is to keep on trucking.  Most people think of this in reference to when times get tough, but it is really meant to be used in reference to when times aren’t tough.  How many people join a gym, workout for a few months, and then quit?  You’ll find that many things in life are simple once you have a system – no matter if it is about making money, getting girls, losing weight, building muscle…  Naturally everyone will have different levels of success or failure based on a flurry of factors, but nearly everyone can be a success if they just keep showing up.

Just don’t quit and keep on trucking.

Even if you don’t push yourself too hard at the gym, and only give it 90% instead of 100%… if you just keep showing up you will still win.  If only you keep eating less, eventually you get thin!

So when you keep showing up to the gym, let’s say… even though it really isn’t so hard to do this on a disciplined basis for a short time, it is really hard to do it for a long time.  Why is that?  It’s because when you keep showing up you are confronted with certain realities, such as the fact that results… no matter how easy to achieve, do not happen overnight.  Believe it or not, this infuriates most people. lol  If you are dieting… it may be easy not to eat sugar and carbs all the time – until after a while the emotions you repressed with these treats start to spring up!  This is why people can’t stick to anything.  Because most of their current non-productive (or destructive) habits are actually holding back the armies of their personal hell.  Even the very act of laziness is a way of being “turned off” because if you allowed your energy to move in such a way that you wouldn’t be lazy, that same energy would also begin to power your inner demons and you just wouldn’t know what to do with them!  Ha!

At the bottom of it all, when you keep showing up and being disciplined, you will come in contact with the karmic forces that are shaping your life.  Most people lack the skill to know what to do when they run up against their karmic energies.  When in doubt, just keep on trucking!” – Pretty inspiring stuff by Plato Powers


Recently I hear these messages a lot regarding self improvement. Things like “Keep Trucking”, “Keep Showing Up!”, “Exercise your Will Power!”

I hear about it all the time from ppl like Owen Cook aka Tyler Durden from RSD, and his stuff has been really motivational to me recently. He is like this embodiment of what can happen when you “Keep Showing Up”, he is the guy that transformed himself from a “Dark Nerd Newbie” to “Bonified, Icy Gangsta Pimp”… lol Pretty Inspiring!

I find it that it is always good to remind myself of these things. So When In Doubt… SHOW UP.

It is about walking that path, just to walk it.

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