Structural Distortions

“I was talking with someone today about Neuro-Cranial Restructuring.  It is often hard to explain to people that the problems they have with facial symmetry, spines that are out of alignment, etc., are most often a product of how they use their mind.  We have a left and a right side of our brains, and emotions and such are dominated by one side.  Since most of our darker emotions have no place in the modern world, we will use the other side as an instrument of repression.  One of the things the mind will do is enlist the body in its’ goals and tense the muscles on one side of the body, just like it tenses up the diaphragm to hold back rage, or tenses up the throat to hold back tears.  When you do this sort of thing your whole life,  eventually you will not only have problems with physical symmetry, but a CAT scan will even reveal different bone densities on one side of your face, and the bones will actually have modeled themselves differently in different areas.

So while you can do things in order to correct these issues, ultimately it is a long-term process that involves you looking at all the areas where you compromise yourself  and figuring out what to do about it while still being able to function in society.” -Plato Powers

Plato is the author of the site for face pulling, he also seems to have knowledge about esoteric subjects and such. As such, I gravitate towards his blog posts and find them very interesting and educational. He advocates daily breath work… and integration work of resolving child hood traumas. Similar to The Presence Process.

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