T.O.P from Big Bang is Inspiration

I became a fan of Big Bang like half a year ago. This was the first Big Bang performance that I saw and that captivated me into becoming a fan. Mostly my favorite part of the performance is when T.O.P raps, he is tall and handsome guy that has the very first verse. Now I like all the members of Big Bang, but for me G-Dragon and T.O.P continuously provide best live performances. For me it is how they manage to bring something new to every performance and how they make eye contact with the camera. T.O.P’s eye gaze is impressive, however GD is impressive in how he carries himself on stage and he also makes great eye contact with the camera.

What really inspires me about musicians is their live performances. Before Big Bang I really like Lil’ Wayne… because his live performances were awesome. He was always over the top, I think this has to do with expressing over confidence bordering arrogance and cockyness. But this sort of display of self expression is what inspires me. I also became a fan of Lady Gaga because her live sets were just undeniably impressive.

Now before you start thinking I’m this gay or metro fan boy. I watch this stuff and became a fan because this stuff is inspirational, as they provide me new ideas and concepts that I want to embody myself. Especially because I am Asian, it gives me a good model to aspire to, as these kind of templates are seriously lacking in the American culture that quite the contrary promote degenerate stereotypes of the Asian male.

Let’s go back to T.O.P (TOP) from BigBang for a sec. Of course if you know anything about this guy, his solo song/music video called Turn It Up, is ultra impressive. I do not care for any other KPop groups out there and honestly I have not checked or even wanted to, I generally do not like feminine men. I like Big Bang because their style is anchored in Hip hop, sort of “American” style and concepts in the way they dress, perform, etc. For example, G-dragon has got the swag of an American playboy/ womanizer.  Top’s style is based on being really manly and suave. And although these maybe their stage persona and not actually their real personalities, it is how they are expressing the self nonetheless. Just like a painter that creates a picture, I think we can all mold ourselves into whatever we aspire to.

It is about becoming that person you’ve always dreamed of becoming today, in the now, and never looking back. A concept I learned from Destin Gerek and one that I never forgot, actually recently I picked up my practice of envisioning my ideal self again. This is a visualization exercise in which I visualize who my ideal self is as clear as possible. What does he look like, what sort of clothes does he wear, what sort of life/social situations does he live in.

Even Cory Skyy mentioned that when he was really young he had a vision of what he wanted to look like, and he has found over the years that his body began to change to look like what he always envisioned himself to be. Even T.O.P from Big Bang said in an interview that he holds a vision of what sort of man he wants to become and always striving towards becoming that man, and sometimes he feels he becomes that person on stage.

Here is my favorite video of T.O.P expressing what to me looks like a man with impeccable confidence.. Look at that grin, those eyes that says I’m a sexy mother fucker, that general aura of cockiness, that fashion sense… it’d be pretty tough for any women to deny being seduced.


With my physical restructuring processes underway, I am well on my way to becoming like Top from Big Bang, and perhaps a little more…

“Magic is active use of the will to create an outcome that would not exist without the use of your will.One pointed focus, coupled with emotion propels the force of intention beyond the entropic grasp of the negative worldly influences.

If you get into the habit of becoming emotionally involved and forcefully projecting your positive vision of the world; you will see that miracles will become an everyday affair in your life. Application of will-mind and spirit is the formula for magic, however if you are afraid to express your feelings then your desires will not manifest. It is the removal of the filter on the brain that is necessary for your dreams to come true.

Manifestation always comes from a position of power, you get abundance after you don’t really need it. Fear will choke off manifestation, if you are in a chronic state of fear, you will never manifest. You do manifest, but lack rather than abundance. You are watering the lawn and stepping on the hose at the same time. You have to step off the hose to allow the flow to come through. It is always at the time when you have forgotten about the thing that you were asking for or written it off completely. The key is to move out of fear and to project positively on a regular basis.” –Kevin Courois

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