Talent is Overrated, Hard work creates champions

Recently the lesson coming up for me is that success is created by hard work. Not talent, Not someone putting you ON, Not luck, Not Magical Thinking, Not fate, but sheer exercising the muscle of human Will Power over and over and over again. As far as I can tell…

Success is a function of series of failures.

“it is not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” heard that somewhere before… Such goals as Personal Authentic Transformation, Self-Actualization, Self Improvement these things take time and realizing that change is possible for those that exercise their will to the point you really begin to feel that failure is not an option. When you want something badly enough, the level of commitment that begins to come forth from deep within you is so strong it is scary. It is the mentality of “I will do this or die trying”.

When I look around, at my peers, it is clear that most of the people out there lack this level of focus towards some singular idea or goal. A lot of them, tend to just go through the motions of life, smoke a blunt during the day and get fucked up in the weekend, work part time and take some classes and just rinse and repeat. They simply carry out their daily habits and behavior patterns that for the most part do not serve any purpose towards fulfillment of their dreams. I was a little different, I was always trying to actualize my goals, and this drive has gotten even stronger recently.

Human being are creatures of habit. So why not develop empowering habits, what sort of impact would one empowering habit have on the type of person you become 6 months from now? a year? 2 years down the road?

We are addicted to quick fixes and seeing results right away, we forgot how to value hard work, patience, and the power of incremental change. Easiest example to understand is weight lifting, you get a gym membership and get really hardcore into it for like 3 months and then you give up and quit after not seeing the results you hoped for in that time period, or you begin taking all kinds of supplements to speed the process or steroids, coming up with excuses like I don’t have the genes to build big muscles so I’m going to take steroids. It is sort of this immature thinking. The mature person will work hard to instill weightlifting as a natural habit and stick with it with commitment and patience, and use weightlifting as an opportunity to exercise the muscle of will, so when he/she feels tired and doesn’t feel like going to the gym, it is an opportunity to exercise that will and go anyway. There’s no such thing as the magic pill, understand that transformation takes time, and as that person continues to go to the gym over and over again, the body will undergo gradual transformation and after few years of this repetitive habit, that person will eventually build that muscular body.

The will comes from the challenges of life. The fucked up shit that happens to you, the upsets, the humiliations, the society telling you it can’t be done, the prejudice, those things actually are the driving forces, the fulcrum at which I leverage myself to higher levels. The hardships builds character, gives me depth, gives me inner strength, I’ve been knocked down but I got up and came back stronger, so bring it on. Recently I am feeling more aggressive towards life and adopting a more fearless attitude. I want to demolish my competition and become the champion. I want to prove to anyone that’s doubted me, and I understand that seems very egoic and low level thinking and all, but fuck it, it is part of being human I am not going to deny it. All you can really do is to just see that it is there, accept it, move on.

Sometimes I forget that most people do not have this sort of drive towards bettering their lives or themselves… For me this stuff runs deep down into my bones, and down a little more. I just simply believe to the core that every part of my being is moving towards that direction, failure is not an option, and I will either get there or die trying, literally. It is that simple. 50 cent said Get Rich or Die Tryin’, how did he have this type of determination? because he was poor, do you think a rich kid will have this sort of drive?

The common denominator for all humans seems to be.

Pain is required for growth.

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, & Spiritually.

What is the key? To not shut down when traumatic events happen but embrace them and move on. To feel the pain. To feel is to Heal. For me, that is what is meant when they say it is not about how hard you get hit, but how you get back up. Don’t stay on the ground and be a victim to your circumstances. To Blame is to B-lame , Be Lame.

When I say that other people seem lazy, I am really just talking about myself. Because I still have part of myself that are not fully on board with my goals. I need to get all parts of me on board now. I am going to instill the principle of hard work into more and more areas of my life. Instill more habits, recently I started weight lifting, and adopting the notion that weightlifting as a metaphor for my entire life, if I can’t get my ass into the gym 3x a week then how the hell do I think about tackling other areas of my life. It is time to step up. I got a full time salary position starting in 2 weeks. I’m finally done with college. No more living in disillusioned life of a college kid with no responsibilities. Life is moving on and it is time to get serious.

I am partly motivating myself through writing this.

for your motivational support I have two videos for you.


This second video is long, but if you’re into this kind of thing I urge you to watch it. You can tell what he is sharing is legit because I’ve experienced the same things, he has a lot of great insights about the Truth of Success.


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