The Holy Crusade of Enlightened Orthodontics By Dr. Mew and Dr. Hang, Ridding the World of Evil Extraction Orthodontists

At age 18, I decided to finally take care of my crowded teeth problem and so I went to an orthodontist. I was told my plates have fused already and now the only way to straighten the teeth was to extract 4 teeth to make room. Since my younger brother went through the same treatment of extractions, at the time, I just thought it was part of getting straight teeth.

After the braces came off, I dealt with continual self-conscious issues about my teeth. I tried to change my thinking many times and failed. For a long time, I thought the problem was my thinking, I mean, I went through 2 years of orthodontics, and now I had “straight teeth” why shouldn’t I be happy with my teeth? It took me a long time to admit to myself that I was indeed unhappy with the results and particularly I did not like that I had narrow arch and no broad front arch. But this was totally going against the teachings of self development books I was reading, “You have to love yourself”.

Hindsight reveals that this whole ordeal, of what felt like something that should not be happening to me, of what felt like unjust and incredibly unfair, was fruiting powerful lessons about life. The biggest one I think for me was…

To love yourself, is to first get in touch with your own personal self hatred.

Many nights of sitting down in silence and self inquiry and confronting my inner demons. I knew there was a heaviness in my heart and so I kept self inquiring about it. Here I was 22 years old college student. What I kept coming back to was, I was unsatisfied with my mouth but I didn’t know what was the problem. I mean I went through 2 years or orthodontics already! Eventually the universe would bring me the answers.

One day, I was hanging out with some friends at the house, this girl was there and for some reason we were talking about braces, and the girl that was there started talking about how bad the palate expanders sucked, and how much it hurt to crank it every day.

Some light bulb went off in me, and I thought, “wait I never went through palate expansion….” All the orthodontist did to me was extract teeth and made my palate even smaller…. From then on, I began to research about this and began to realize getting 4 teeth extracted was not right. It made sense, why I didn’t have a nice frontal arch. Of Course I don’t! the bicuspids were extracted and my canines were brought back to fill the space. I began to think, that god intended me to have those 4 teeth, getting extracted is not natural at all. How can you just extract teeth that is suppose to be there by natural design?

This initial shock began in November of last year. Since then I have been on this quest to bring resolution to this issue, that have been plaguing me since well, since the braces came off in 2009.

I’ve been to countless consultations, maybe 10-12 in total, most of them telling me “achieving reversal is extremely complicated, I can’t do it.” That was the better reactions I would get, at least they haven’t totally ruled out that it was possible… However, most orthos were telling me “what you’re trying to do is impossible.” But I knew it can be done, I was dealing with massive egos that were founded on what the books taught them and what I was presenting was challenging their entire career, their entire personal history. Needless to say, it was a very exhausting process.

It was very tough to keep the hope alive, that it was possible to reverse the extractions and get the dental arch that god intended me to have. I found Dr. Hang in California was doing this. and so I was beginning to have feelings of moving to California, I mean, at this point, a lot of things were fueling me. Rage would be one of those fuels. I had developed an attitude of I will do this or die trying. Similar to 50 cents statement “Get Rich or Die Tryin” I understand that because 50 cent has experienced the incredible poor, and faced many oppressors(society & ppl) telling him it can’t be done.

What happens to an animal when you put it in a cage. Poke it with sticks. Starve it from food and water. Continually abuse it.

Obviously it’ll get really pissed. But then it’ll slowly turn it into god knows what, a beast that will kill you first chance it gets out of the cage. That is why society does not accept anger. Society will allow you to be afraid or sad, but being angry is a big issue. That’s because Rage is the most powerful fuel to change someone’s life. Rage is the fuel for massive action. Rage is able to burn all of the bullshit and turn you into something else. Kai Greene, the body builder, said that without rage a man is not able to squat 800 lb. For Kai, the gym was the only place that rage and intensity was allowed. It was his only refuge. Rage inwards is depression. But I digress.


Literally, nothing in the world mattered expect this. I was ready to take Massive Action for this pursuit. My mother wouldn’t understand, actually it would be hard for anyone to understand, but until you’ve been there dealing with the bitterness and darkness of psychological and emotional turmoil, and social isolation that was wrought forth by not having proper teeth. You would not understand why this quest meant so much to me.

What happened was I was beginning to think I will not find an orthodontist in Michigan, but I decided to try one more place. Much to my surprise and great enthusiasm, the front office lady told me the orthodontist there actually knows Dr. Hang! and he studies under Dr. Mew! This gave me high expactations and at the consultation I brought pictures of Dr. Hang’s work ( and the doc knew how it was done and told me he can do the same thing.

So 10 – 12 consultations later, God finally answered my prayers, and I found an orthodontist that was willing to work with me and re-open the spaces for the 4 bicuspids.

I am 1 month in on my treatment. I have braces on my bottom palate, self-litigating, light wire braces (similar to the DAMON braces) that is expanding my lower arch by up righting the sunken in teeth. and I wear a removable appliance for my upper palate. I can see incremental changes and my palate is slowly expanding, although it is still way too early into treatment to see significant difference.

Anyway today I found this great video of Dr. Mew and Dr. Hang. To me it is like they are holy warriors going around exorcising the evils of extraction orthodontics in the world.

Maybe this is why I found my orthodontist after 10 consultation, God was using me to spread the word of how terrible extraction orthodontics is to those 10 other orthos, and maybe they will tell 10 more of their colleagues, etc, etc. And smack them awake from the ignorance and muck of shit that they like to perpetrate. Bringing their massive egos down with one single, swift blow to the pressure points. That is, your outdated, barbaric methods are destroying faces.

It is absolutely heinous that this evil is still going on.




(what got me excited was, I am using a very similar appliance to what Dr. Hang is seen using on the little girl. Mine doesn’t have the grooves to prevent open mouth because I don’t have issues with open mouth but the rest of the appliance looks very similar. It is re-assuring to know that my orthodontist is colleagues with Dr. Hang and flies out to England to study Dr. Mew’s seminars.)

9 thoughts on “The Holy Crusade of Enlightened Orthodontics By Dr. Mew and Dr. Hang, Ridding the World of Evil Extraction Orthodontists”

  1. Wow–I just found your blog; your story is so inspiring–and I’ve gone through the exact same anguish of having teeth senselessly pulled (eight of them!) plus retractive braces that made me ugly, shy, sad, frustrated, and boiling mad. I would like to seek treatment like yours (upper and lower expansion plus tooth implants…are you getting implants?) but I have no idea how to find an ortho in my area (I’m in Virginia) who can do this. I’d be willing to see Dr. Hang if I lived closer. Maybe traveling to MI wouldn’t be so bad, though. Would you mind giving me your ortho’s contact info? Thanks so much!

    1. sure, Dr. Gibbs at
      260 Jefferson Ave
      Grand Rapids, MI 49503
      Tel. (616) 459-1267

      Also some people are able to find good orthodontist from by searching for Functional Orthodontists.
      I also have 8 teeth missing. 4 bicuspids and 4 wisdoms.
      Yes the plan is to get implants, for the 4 bicuspids.

      1. Thank you! And please post photos of your treatment’s progress. I’m very curious to see how it turns out. Did your ortho say how long it would take for you? I’m not in a position right now to start my own treatment but I hope to soon.

    1. Yes I’ve researched about this.

      Also heard people regrowing teeth using human growth hormones and saturation of right nutrients.

      I have not gotten into this angle yet because I am still working on expanding the palate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank u for your blog. I was an adult–perfectly happy with my face and the ortho told me the extractions would not change my face. I even asked the doctor if I needed jaw surgery and he assured me that I did not. Well when the braces came off–my face fell and I loss lip and facial support and now have a terrible profile. I too have been on about 12 consults and have the same story as you…doctors state it is too difficult and I need jaw surgery. Ok so I consulted a top doctor in the area and only learned that I have to pay out of pocket as jaw surgery is now considered cosmetic. (As my bite received the “standard of care”-surgery is now cosmetic -had I did it prior to ortho treatment then it may have been covered under insurance). Bottom line if my orthodontist would had told me the facts I would have never got extractions or got braces–I was fine with what I had but just wanted my two front teeth to be straighter than what they were. I hope anyone reading your experience takes caution when an orthodontist states extractions are needed. You can’t never get those teeth back, because the teeth are retracting, it can make you look older. Fuller wider smiles are always better and more youthful. You will not get these results when teeth are extracted. I have saved a lot of freinds from getting this done to their children and I will continue to educate others as well. I too am hopeful that I can find a good ortho to reverse this. I would like to continue to hear about your progress and my fingers are crossed that all will be worth it and a true success.

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