The Pathway of Awareness in my own life…

One of the big reasons why I am so attracted to Michael Brown (The Presence Process author) and his teachings is that so much of what he talks about I can really relate with in my own life, for example he saids that there only needs to be one or two integrationist in the family to integrate the family imprinting.  And that one integrationist will often feel like the black sheep of the family.

…I can definitely relate to that.

And he also talks about when we go into the healing work and discover different healing tools, we immediate want to introduce those tools to the family… “Hey look I have something that will fix you all!”

hilariously I have to admit that… I’ve done that as well in one form or another before, with zero success.

He explains that we have the urge to heal our family because we see our own hopelessness reflected in them, in hindsight this insight is also true for me… admittedly sad but true and also kinda funny now…

And he also talks about the pathway of awareness during his journey to heal his painful condition. How he went from first taking the physical approach to mental to emotional.

I can also see this pathway clearly in my own life.

First I did many physical things, studied such thing as how to act outwardly to talk to girls for example, thinking that if I just rearranged my physical circumstances my life would be better.  I did many things… such as moving from one dorm to another.  Making new friends. I even went on a raw food diet, and even tried water fasting for 14 days.

Again my attention was predominately physical, I intended to change the quality of my life through the physical. No lasting change was accomplished.  I may feel a sense of change but feel better for a little bit but the same issues returned.

Then I went into the mental, this is when I studied LoA, all the affirmation stuff (which was great at covering up stuff), watching my thoughts, changing my thinking pattern, visualizations, and such thing as metaphysics really got me excited. which Michael likes to call “mental-gymnastics”.  Studying things like 5th dimension, merkabah, etc.  In hindsight much of those pursuits was about me trying to leave the here and now into something else, because I was continually dis-validating my own experience. (Michael also explains his plight to escape the here and now through mental-gymnastics)

In the book The Presence Process, he talks about in time we only “think” that something is happening… I’ve done this a lot, again this journey has been about going to the mental to impact my life.

He explains the mental-physics part of the journey as the kitchen… it’s got bunch of sexy tools and different things to play with but you wanna just get in there and get out.  If you stay in there forever you overcook.  And I totally “got that”.  Metaphysics definitely allowed me to mentally grasp what Michael is speaking about… and understand/digest it so I can work with it in my own life.  As Michael saids, information allows us to move in formation.

I’m slowly realizing that the intent that was driving the physical and mental journey was to feel better.  Not getting better at feeling.

Eventually I got curious about the human emotions and the role “feelings” has on the quality of life.  This is when works like faster EFT, Mada Dalian, shadow work, inner child work, Phone Booth really got my attention and interest.  Eventually I found the Presence Process and began to see the impacts of emotional process work, the journey is still young at this point and so it continues.

“It’s not about feeling better, it’s about getting better at feeling.”

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  1. You’ve got a great blog, thanks for sharing. I have my own journey to go through and have been working on myself for about a year…with synchronistic events that happened, I realize I need to work on living in the present moment. After reading a few posts here, I feel The Presence Process will be a great read (& help) for me too. Thanks!

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