Today’s Ideal Faces Pt. 2


Today’s Ideal Faces Pt. 2, Mike Mew chooses rather full figure lady that has a face of a super model. “Full figure women have wider faces”, can you guess why?

Yes, our theory is that because they ate more which means more chewing. Does this mean people with rather larger bodies have better looking faces? (in the modern world) because to take in all the required calorie means more mastication? Most NFL Football players for example seem to have pretty good faces come to think of it… but how does it explain very skinny girls with nice faces? (Victoria Secret) Probably one factor can’t fit all, but I digress…

Anyway this plus size model is Tara Lynn. Mike’s comment was that she has a really nice profile.


You can see the her face is wide, nose is small, and 3 dimensionality to her face, front cheekbones that come forwards.


Interesting to note the contrast in facial height between the two, & the difference in the distance between the eyes. And her impressive cheeks (side & front) or does fat play some factor in this?


Although she is categorized separately from the Victoria secret models, I think her face could actually beat a lot of those girls. Her face is certainly shorter & wider than Rosie Huntington‘s.

One question: Is her impressive frontal cheeks really the result of great bone structure or extra fat that makes the face appear more so?


In this picture I think you can see that great bone structure. That beauty mask is visible. And interestingly despite being overweight her cheeks are hollow, again confirming that hollow cheek is more to do with muscle than fat.


The flawless human face? These types of well structured faces are most impressive from angles.

So browsing through her photos she does range in various body weights, and it does seem to have some effect on the face (more fat vs. less), but you can’t deny the shortness of the face, short nose, wide distance between the eyes that has nothing to do with fat but bone structure.


Does facial width matter? Here is Lynn vs. widely recognized beauty Kim Kardashian

Most of the public will probably pick Kim, but without the make up more may begin to prefer Lynn, also if you look at this picture from bit of distance with sort of unfocused gaze, like blur your vision for a sec, Lynn’s face is easier on the eyes. Its actually kinda crazy… Kim’s face looks scary honestly.. like an evil skull. lol okay maybe its just the look she was doing at that moment?

Also like lip jobs are very obvious when gazing, just looks out of porportion

While Lynn’s face looks very balanced if that makes sense.

Perhaps I am biased after learning all this stuff, but I think facial width is important for facial beauty.

Perhaps that’s what it’s meant when people say “she has natural beauty”

I am willing to bet that Lynn looks great with or without make up. Just like Sooyoung from SNSD.

What if the incessant need for plastic surgery was coming from unconscious feeling that the face is not perfect as it should be?

Do you think person like Lynn would ever consider plastic surgery?

From what I have seen wide face individuals seem to wear their face proudly: Tila Tequila, Lynn, and Liv

“No Make UP – No Problem! :)” (taken from her FB post)

Liv might as well be Today’s Ideal Faces Pt. 3

One of my readers told me about her.

That’s crazy, that’s her WITHOUT make up, so her with make up is just an all kill. Ridiculously photogenic person.

Don’t you think it is more of the narrow face girls getting plastic surgeries? Megan Fox, Kim K., Hillary Duff. It does make sense, I think without even knowing this stuff, humans intuitively know that something is missing from the face and so we try to compensate by many different ways whether that be directly via surgery or focusing in other areas like work, self improvement, spirituality, etc. I’m not saying any of that is bad, I think it is all unique path in which we learn valuable lessons… but it is what it is.

& all of this makes me wonder about higher power? why are we in a situation now where most everyone is suffering from Cranial Dystrophy, how could an all knowing being allow such a predicament to many innocent children that simply doesn’t know any better? unless of course if the situation is reversible by application of the right knowledge, if not then do we have to redefine definition of what we call god? Because many people are getting screwed atm without much choice. but this is topic for another day or maybe whole different blog lol

That’s it for now, so do you guys think facial width is important?


7 thoughts on “Today’s Ideal Faces Pt. 2”

  1. Wow! Tara Lynn really is beautiful! One of the best looking faces I have ever seen.

    And you’re thoughts on God in terms of cranio facial dystrophy are interesting. I never really believed in a higher power (that interferes with the our daily lives) anyway so you bring up a good point. But I am confused by a further question. But let me set it up first.

    It’s easy to see how a good looking face will impact your whole life. If you have someone like Tara Lynn, she won’t be able to go anywhere without people admiring her face and men being attracted to her. Compare that to someone with an ugly face (poor development). As sad as it is, we usually have negative feelings towards ugly people (even if we haven’t talked to them). Because of this, an ugly person is going to have a COMPLETELY different personality and life than someone with a good looking face. If you compared the lives of really good looking people to below average looking people, their lives are just going to be so different.

    But if you subscribe to orthotropics theory, really the only difference between these two groups is that one chews more, has the correct swallowing pattern, and has good tongue posture (and body posture). Why would evolution favor these traits so highly? Sure, you talked about improved airway and better ear, nose and throat health, but still. A person with a good looking face isn’t usually THAT much healthier than someone without. So why would simple behaviors like chewing more, swallowing correctly, maintaining proper tongue posture, have the ability to determine your personality and quality of life so much???

    It’s so mindboggling if you sit down and think about it! So much of your identity (your personality, other peoples perception of you, people’s initial emotional reaction towards you) can be determined by a good looking face. And this good looking face is caused by such simple things like holding your tongue up. Even though I believe in this orthtropic stuff, I just can’t even wrap my head around how much these simple things can affect your entire life. Why is this?????

    1. @maxillaforce – is the sad truth. The world we live in is of a lack of a better words vain. Looks are very important. Its the firs thing people judge you on, and a lot of the time the personality matches the face. People with small, narrow skulls are usually looks as weak or loser-ish, while wide faced, strong features are looked as strong an masculine.

      I think at a young age, we subconsciously look at ourselves and kind of determine how we’ll act, not to mention how people react towards us. Obviously there are some exceptions, but on the most part its generally true. Why is it that some people after having jaw surgery mention that people treat them better, and they feel like they act differently? Or mike saying how some childrens personalities change when their faces do. Its all subconscious.

      What I find the most depressing is that all of these problems that we are facing now, could have been avoided if we had the right dentist, orthodontist.or better yet, our parents could have at least mentioned something, like close your mouth or whatever. We literally have different lives, then if we have developed to our full potential. so depressing. a well….

      1. Bro, don’t get down on yourself like that! The reason why you are here is to improve yourself. You have already proven yourself to be exceptional because most people would just say “looks are all genetics. If I’m ugly I’m not responsible for it…” You’re different. You’re here to better yourself.

        Yeah all of us who know about orthotropics fantasize about having this knowledge when we were little kids so we would have developed optimally. But the fact is, almost NOBODY develops optimally these days. You’re in good company.

        But what separates us from the masses is that we have the knowledge to change. Yeah, its probably gonna take months and years before we get noticeable results (I am already noticing lots of improvements), but we are at least moving in the right direction. Most people just get uglier and uglier as they get older. Not us. We’re just going to get subtly better and better looking. So cheer up! Stay away from that negativity!

        1. Sorry if that sounded so negative, I’m not depressed, its just the knowledge of knowing all of this is sort of depressing. It’s reality though, many people wonder why something looks off about them, I guess we’re just more aware. It’s forsure better knowing all of this that being on autopilot and just clueless about everything.

    2. I think it has something to so with breathing. I’ve very recently noticed, people with full lips and nice profiles usually have full bodies to match. Not necessarily fat, just curvier for women and more muscular for men.

    3. It seems that most people with forward facial growth appear to be healthier. Pay attention to other visual clues across the whole body.

  2. I’m not sure more people would prefer Tara Lynn, even without make-up, to Kim K. While Tara has the better face, she is obese. Some people will take the better face while others will take the better body.

    As for the statement “most NFL players… have pretty good faces,” I think this is untrue. While most of them don’t mouth breathe, many don’t have good tongue posture (you can tell because of eyes being too close together) and they tend to grow out their facial hair (which, while it doesn’t make you more attractive, it does cover up the ugly per square inch).

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