Wait… it was already in me?

I will tell you, you can fully love and accept yourself as you are, right now. You can feel infinite gratitude for being who you are in this very moment. Without changing one thing you do, without ever having sex with a woman, without acquiring anything, you can feel that security, that sense of wholeness and personally powerful. Because you are.

Becoming erotically empowered is as much about loving the man you are and owning the sexiness that’s already in you as it is about evolving into the man you want to be.” -SPG (more excerpts from my coaching work with SPG)

This message is bringing me so much clarity on this journey that I am on. I am realizing that this journey never was about “fixing” anything, for to “fix” would mean that there was something “broken”. There never was anything “broken”. There never was anything “lacking” about me or my life. There was only aspects of myself that I didn’t fully own and claim as mine. This journey never was about going from “un-fulfillment” (Seeing myself as “broken” or “lacking certain qualities”) to “fulfillment” (Getting a “fix” or something to fill the “lack”). This universe is about expansion, from one moment of fulfillment births the next moment of fulfillment. The grateful person becomes even more grateful. The rich gets richer. The sexy man becomes even more sexy. This is being in the flow. This is moving down stream. This is law of nature. This is using law of attraction for personal growth and evolution!!!

There is this HUGE shift that’s taking place in me, and this shift is about me finally owning the sexiness that’s already in me.

This is about being sexy now and becoming even more sexy as I evolve.

This is about finally being whole and perfect now, and to that wholeness adds more wholeness. Life begins to expand in all directions. The wealthy consciousness creates and adds on more wealth.

“Be blissful and you will attract wealth” -Paramahamsa Nithyananda (I made a video recently of him watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2MP_yiIuVw )

Without having to do any exercises (visualization, affirmation, etc) which is part of the “evolution” part (it serves its rightful place and purpose), without having to change ANYTHING, without getting any ‘results’ in the outside world, without getting any approval or confirmation, …I …Just Simply …Feel …Fucking …Incredible and far more sexier than I’ve felt in a while.

You know, I usually feel extra sexy when I get results from the outside, getting looks (eye contact) from girls, women approaching me, drunk dancing and make outs at the bar LOL, … They all serve me and my mindset well but this is a whole new level of awesomeness, being able to access “sexiness” by going within. It’s so liberating and so awesome to just feel that sexy man inside me whenever I’m doubting myself. I can just relax again, go back into presence and deep stomach breathing that I’ve been working on.

When I am in touch with this sexy man inside me, I notice that I’m doing things a little different… I notice a difference in my interaction with people, how I carry myself, my voice (seems deeper, louder, clearer), and I’m finding myself questioning habitual behaviors (and thoughts) of mine that aren’t in alignment with this “sexy” self. (Note that I’m “noticing” these things, I’m not trying to act a certain way, it just seems to “happen”.)

It just feels good! And I want to make it more and more part of my being.  As SPG is teaching me, the key is to feel it more and more. More to explore on this…stay tuned.

You can feel infinite gratitude for being who you are in this very moment.”

Yes…I’m realizing that I truly can!!! Thank the gods!

This is a big evolutionary step in my Life.  Loving and accepting who I am now, and feeling *infinite gratitude* for myself, having the sense of wholeness and powerful being that I am.  I’m waking up to the truth.  So it is.



“Let me be very clear, you can never go from un-fulfillment to fulfillment. That is a big bogus misunderstanding. Only fulfillment births next moment of fulfillment.”

“When you are whole, you are holy.” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda

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