What Release Feels Like

I’ve been diligently doing fasterEFT, you know sometimes I gotta be honest, this journey gets tough, you put a lot of effort into this transformation journey, experience some shifts, and releases, and then you’re expecting things to go well in the outer world, and in some aspects it does get better, you see the world start responding differently to you, and you notice yourself start acting differently just from working on yourself. and then sometimes…

shit don’t go so well. the way you want it to.

Roommates challenge you…

You go to the bar and you don’t have a fun, good night…

a particular woman don’t respond the way you want them to…and it gets to you…

Feelings of disappointment, self doubt, hurt, shame, …they all seem to creep back.


I’m starting to “get” the fact that this is a continual journey, with no destination.  You are going to heal, and evolve for the rest of your life.  But with the right mindset(attitude) and tools, you can make big shifts happen, at a faster and deeper ways.

So Faster EFT has brought on some significant releases over the last week, like I’ve spent literally hours everyday tapping…and then all of the sudden the world, (Outer world and inner world) seem to dump MORE stuff on you.  And I felt some of that stress this morning I had things that bothered me from the night before…but then I set aside some serious time of tapping and release.

And came to few realizations about the “pattern” or the programming that’s been operating in my unconscious.  These patterns have appeared in elementary, middle school, high school, and now.  All of the sudden these memories came flooding into my conscious mind as I was tapping and I had this “Aha” moment.  that Pattern even appeared in my dreams…and this dream was from years back and I still somehow remembered this particular traumatic dream!

And with faster EFT I began addressing the feelings of all these memories…and soon began experiencing physical reactions to this process!

I started burping uncontrollably, like I was choking for air like I was about to throw up or something.

My eyes would get teary eyed.

I started laughing as I released.

Feeling of heaviness lift, painful feelings subsiding, feeling of energy moving, like I felt things were being pulled out of my body

Followed by feeling of lightness

Rhett Bise in his book, the Phone Booth, said “What does releasing Feel Like?, It’s a feeling of lightness, an opening.  Often the releasing will be accompanied by emotions that had been trapped.  Laughter and sobbing are common during release.  Sometimes a release can trigger a cascade effect.  You’ll release one self-limiting belief and it will unlock others that will then release on their own.  It can feel like wave after wave of release. Welcome the feeling avoid analyzing what is being released, just focus on the feeling of release.  Your mind knows what it’s letting go.  Your mind knows it isn’t serving you anymore.  Just let it continue its work of letting go.”

And It really did feel like wave after wave of release.

So like people say, it really is like peeling the skin of an onion…

I have a lot of layers to release, and as I release one thing, more things are brought up either internally or the out side world trigger me and that’s my opportunity to release, heal, and grow.

Robert Smith said something like this, “Your unconscious mind is your servant, it wants to help you heal.  So it’ll bring things up one layer at a time.  Persistence is your most powerful skill. The pain in the body or different feeling in your body is your unconscious mind telling you, you have something to pay attention to, to release and heal.”

I love that idea, that our unconscious mind knows what we need to release and it communicates with us…we just have to pay attention to the signals.

So those moments where you are disappointed on your journey and think like this work is bullshit, don’t give up, there’s more opportunity for you to release and grow.  As Robert said, “you’re building emotional muscle or emotional intelligence and that’s really what you want.”  You begin to take charge of the way you feel,and you get better and better at letting go, and loving & forgiving yourself, your steps get lighter and you experience more and more happiness for no reason, and discover more and more aspects to heal.

Oh and I also found another lady that makes Faster EFT videos on YouTube.  She is a certified Faster EFT practitioner, trained by Robert G. Smith himself.

Go here for her page. She has excellent videos

Her story of healing is very inspirational as well.

Peace & Persistence to all warriors of peace


2 thoughts on “What Release Feels Like”

  1. This is such an awesome story of healing. How did you find Robert Smith? I am so excited for you and your personal transformation. Thank you very much for sharing my story and YouTube channel with your readers. I am honored and blessed by your presence in my life. Love & Peace, Grace

    1. And I’m excited for your videos on YouTube as well… I just stumbled on to Robert Smiths Videos on youtube a few years back, I tried it a few times but I was thinking “well how is this going to help me with women” and so I never gave it a chance but recently I’ve been attracting a lot of information about facing your inner demons, shadow work, etc and I was already doing a lot of release work but and then I got emails about EFT, and so I had this urge to watch some youtube videos on EFT and I knew…who to look for. I knew Robert Smith was more advanced than all these other guys, and I started looking at his videos and this time his lessons were totally resonating with me. Again he was talking about addressing your inner demons. and that was the work I was drawn to already. but with new, and profound lessons I didn’t even know about before…like the significance of changing your past memories…and I was slowly hooked on Faster EFT, which incorporated much more than just “tapping”, I was hooked on the whole dynamic system of what Robert was teaching, about the workings of our mind, and the unconscious.

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