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My long time readers will notice that the quality of my recent blog posts has gone up a little bit. (last couple of months) But I am running into a challenge of balancing my time I spend on this blog vs. the value I’m getting out of it, since quality blog posts are becoming quite time consuming. But I have more to share just not enough time, which is why I decided to create membership level so I can post the next level articles that I always wanted to make but couldn’t get around to doing so.

Honestly this blog has always been just a personal diary of mine that I made as a hobby anonymously because I enjoyed writing.

It’s only in the last half year or so that I began to heavily transition the blog more into orthodontic focus as I am currently at little over 2 years of reverse extraction process. during this time I have developed quite the passion in this field and writing about this field became most interesting than anything else. I wasn’t focused on increasing my readership as I never do any promoting of the site. I was just motivated by the positive feedback I was receiving so I focused on writing more quality content for my current readers.

However as I increased the quality of the blogs the more time consuming this hobby has become at the same time I have great desire to help those that are facing the same difficulties as I am because I know how tough this plight can be. And I was getting increasing questions in the mail and request for my before and after pictures. While honestly I was not ready to make a public display yet because 1 I was not done with my treatment yet and 2 I  still valued my privacy.

In order to solve these dilemmas, I decided to create a member access level to the blog. Which solves a few things for me and provide more benefit to most my readers.

  1. A way for me to filter out random visitors from my real committed readers, that wouldn’t mind giving me compensation for my efforts and the extra time spent on developing this next level of the site will be well worth it. I honestly don’t want your money if the content is not that valuable to you.
  2. getting compensation will drive me to create even higher quality content for the exclusive articles as well as the main blog to drive more traffic. Depending on how successful this is of course, the regular blog could become more active which is good for all readers.
  3. those that really value this material will find even more value on the membership posts as I can share more personal level material such as more before and afters, while still remaining partly anonymous to the general public.
  4. I can go more in-depth quicker and be more efficient in discussion because I don’t have to cater to general public & re-explain things, because I know most people that buys the membership already have general sense of this subject.
  5. Exclusive Member Only posts are another opportunity for me to re-collect all that I have learned and make it more concise and deliver in a more inclusive manner, where one of the issues that new readers of the site is having is that there’s so much information that’s scattered across multiple blog posts spanning several months it is difficult to keep track. Since I have been blogging as I learn, such is the nature of blogs.

The first exclusive members only article I put up is before and after picture of 2 years of reverse extraction orthodontic work which includes over 1 year of adult palate expansion. The pictures show a significant change in my mouth, and is a quite powerful post, displaying that it is possible to reverse what was done, and to get bones to remodel even as adults and by significant degree. Not only that but I show what my teeth looked like before the reversal, showing the typical narrowed arch of extraction orthodontic and the psychological issues that came with it. I explore the question what makes a smile beautiful? it is certainly not the straightness of the teeth as orthodontists tend to think. This article should be enough to put ignorant orthodontists still doing extractions in their place, but they won’t listen 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Why I added Membership to Blog”

  1. My biggest regret in life. Trusted my Ortho to have 10 yr old have 4 bicuspids extracted. Had braces at 12 with different Ortho ( who does not extract). She just turned 14 and I can see long face and checks and chin receding. If I join the blog will issues like this be addressed? I want my 14 yr old to start treatment for widening her face back like it is supposed to be. Sounds like this can be done but will she have to get implants to hold the new palate / jaw shape? She is already so mad at me for getting her teeth pulled…I cry about it. If the only way to keep the widening of the face is with implants, then it seems like jaw surgery would just be easier. My Ortho is not very positive that anything can be done without jaw surgery. She is only just 14 tomorrow so she is still growing. My biggest question is:
    ONCE MY DAUGHTERS FACE IS WIDENED BY THE BIOBLOC OR WHATEVER APPLIANCE, will she need to get implants to hold that shape since all four of her bicuspids were removed at age 10. She had her teeth extracted in 6/2010 and braces 7/2012 and braces off 4/2014. I can’t let go of this …what I did to her… Please advise in any way you can. Thank you in advance soon much. If u think ill get lots of ideas for my daughter than I will join right away. I am always hesitant about joining online stuff and paying $. I’d rather send a check. Please help. Thx

    1. I recently finished expanding my mouth back to regain the 4 bicuspid spaces and I will need implants because you will have spaces where the teeth were supposed to be.
      However expanding the mouth gave me improvement in the face and breathing, so it has been worth it for me.
      You say jaw surgery will be easier but its a big operation that has more risks involved.
      What will help your daughter is to first begin addressing the real cause of the problem which is weak jaw muscle and poor oral posture.
      And make sure she is not leaving her mouth open during sleep. All of this because difficult when there is extractions but it helps to give effort to this anyway you can.

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