Will’s Wisdom

Will is a hero on this planet.  He believes in hard work, dedication, and focus.   He has studied esoteric, spiritual knowledge and is well aware of the “personal power of creation”.  His life tip is to read and run(you run to defeat the voice that wants to give up).  He wants to represent an idea, Magic…that everything is possible.

What I come to realize is that passion automatically invokes focus.  So you find yourself dedicating hours and hours of time and energy to it. you find yourself reading books about it, constantly learning and studying about it, seeking out mentors in the field, it’s hours and hours of “work” but it doesn’t seem like it at all because you LOVE doing it.  I’m starting to feel my connection to my purpose.  I know I am here to make this world a better place.

Find your passion, dream big and go for it!


I also wanted to share this video. “When you change yourself, the world outside you changes instantly.” -Russel Simmons


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