Wounds Serve a Purpose

Just wanted to repost this, to keep for my reference and to share with you all as well.

When we come into the world, we are coming out of our source of pure being, which is infinite and undifferentiated.

But we don’t come into the world in this infinite, undifferentiated state. On the contrary, every baby born already has a unique personality. It’s a particular expression of the infinite source.

This particularity of our individuality attracts to itself people and situations that will reinforce what’s already there—both the strengths and the weaknesses.

It’s as if we were magnetized, pulling these people and circumstances to us without any effort on our part.

Of course, this is how our weaker areas turn into wounded areas, as parents, teachers, and others in our life cannot help but interlock with these aspects of us from their own woundedness.

So the person whose makeup, as they emerge differentiated from the undifferentiated source, is one that can be easily bullied is going to attract people with a tendency to bully.

This may seem awful, and at one level it is. But it isn’t purposeless.

As I look back on my life of 63 years now, I see that all the things that I drew to myself that played into my weaknesses, reinforcing them and thereby wounding me and messing me up, have in the long run become the places in me where I am strong.

This happens because, for us to develop in the short lifetime we are given, there have to be areas in which we focus our energy.

There isn’t time for us to evolve on all fronts—to be, for instance, a dancer, a concert pianist, a violinist, a string theory physicist, a business CEO, a neurosurgeon, a psychologist, and on and on in every field of life.

We have to specialize in our particularities.

The road to the full expression of our particularities is often by way of our peculiarities. Weaknesses become wounds. Energy becomes focused in those wounds in a locked-up way.

This all serves to draw our attention to these areas—and when we then work through these wounds, integrating the energy in the way The Presence Process teaches, and using approaches such as The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process ™, we begin to shine in our particularly differentiated way.

In this way, our latent differentiation becomes actual, fleshed-out differentiation. We become strong, powerful, magnificent particular expressions of the infinite, undifferentiated source of all being. “

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