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I’ve been attracting a lot of lessons about emotional clearing, and release recently. It’s one thing I’ve been intending all week with my work with the phone booth.
Getting in touch with my feelings. Releasing blockages and old pains, particularly in the heart and solar plexus area. Sitting in the fire.  I’m welcoming and appreciating this transformative process right now.

One morning last week I get this email from Erika Awakening(over at  Who is a life coach that teaches EFT. I saw it as a sign from the universe, confirmation on what work needs to be done, internally.  Anyway it’s a great perspective on this subject so I will post it here.  Very much worth the read.

“Some years ago, I heard a quotation from the Tao that
really intrigued me …

“Be really whole, and all things will come to you.”

By the time I was reading that quotation, I had spent
so many years STRIVING and COMPETING for what I wanted,
that the idea of everything I wanted coming to me
without effort felt really unreachable and yet spoke
to me at a very deep level.

Have you ever noticed how some people you encounter
have an elusive “something about them” that makes
them magnetic, charismatic, alluring?  While other
people have “something about them” that feels
off-putting and makes you want to run away … ?

Have you ever noticed that these magnetic, charismatic
people seem to live under a lucky star, with
opportunities landing in their lap, and lots of
people liking them and seeking them out, apparently
for no reason at all?

Yes, it’s true, charismatic people DO have a much
easier life.  And it IS like the Tao says … the
things everyone else is painfully striving for —
love, money, popularity, and all other good things
— do indeed COME to magnetic people with virtually
no effort on their part at all.

In fact, if you want to improve your results in any
area of your life, whether it be dating, relationships,
financial abundance, or any other dream you’ve had …
NOTHING is more important than developing your natural

Wouldn’t YOU love to be living that way? Wouldn’t you
love to become a magnet naturally attracting everything
that you want in life without attracting any of the
“bad” stuff?  All good, all the time …

You can.

How high is your level of charisma and magnetism?
Are you satisfied with it?

Many of my clients come to me because they are
frustrated by their relationships with people.  They
don’t feel as socially accepted or as socially fluent
as they would like to feel.  They yearn for
“popularity” and a feeling of belonging.  They
yearn to be fully appreciated for all they have to offer.

I can relate.  For years, I longed to be one of these
mysteriously charismatic people … yet I didn’t have
the foggiest idea of how to get there.  I thought
charisma was something people were born with, or
that at the very least it was a skill they had to
learn from their parents.  I didn’t really think it
was possible to become charismatic as an adult.

I was wrong.

It turns out that EVERYONE has an equal ability to
be naturally charismatic
, it’s just that most people
don’t know the secrets of unveiling their natural
magnetism.  This gift they already hold inside of
them is seemingly “lost” to them forever …

but YOUR natural magnetism can be easily reclaimed,
starting right now.

It took me years of intensive learning and
observation to understand why different people
have such a different “instant” impression on us,
before they even open their mouth, why some people
repulse us and others draw us in and make us want
to be close to them … and I want to share one
of the secrets that I learned …

It turns out that anger and grief and other
“repressed” emotions that are lingering around in
your subconscious mind are blocking you from being
as naturally charismatic as you could be.
You may
not even realize just how angry you are, because
our culture doesn’t give people very good skills
to understand and release their anger and grief.
And yet, if you are not being perceived by others
as charismatic and magnetic and a joy to be around,
then I can virtually guarantee you that anger
and grief are lurking around in there …

Anger, grief, fear, and other “negative” emotions
literally create subconscious but nearly
insurmountable walls between us and other people …
and the only way to remove those walls is to
release the emotions …

How do I know this is true?  Because I have seen
it time and time again, first with myself, and now
with my clients … after we release anger and
grief out of the nervous system, the client’s
social results quickly and naturally improve,
without really changing much of anything in the
external world.

Now, if you’re like most people, once you realize
the problem created by these subconscious negative
emotions, you are probably wondering:

How do we release those negative emotions out of
your nervous system and subconscious mind and
rediscover your natural charisma?

And this is where my coaching method, Holistic
Belief Reprogramming (or HBR for short) comes in …
There are some simple, easy steps you can take
on a daily basis to start improving your results …

1.  Get in touch with the anger and grief by
paying attention to emotional triggers

For many people, these emotions are what we call
“dissociated.”  All that means is that the emotions
are operating outside the person’s conscious
awareness.  Many people learned as children, for
example, that it’s not okay to express anger,
so they try to be “nice” instead.


You do not want to be perceived as that dreaded
“nice” guy or gal whom everyone secretly feels
uneasy around because they can feel your anger
yet you’re not in touch with it!!

You can get in touch with anger and grief by
paying attention to your “pet peeves” and other
emotional triggers.  If something bothers you in
your daily life, you can be sure there is anger
and grief sitting there in your subconscious mind.
When you get triggered by something, ask yourself,
“what am I feeling right now?  why do I want to
insult this person?  why am I shutting down?

2.  Get present with the feelings instead of
covering them up

Now, instead of “reacting” to the feelings, by
doing things like criticizing, blaming, shaming,
shutting down, turning to an addiction, zoning
out, and so forth … FEEL the feelings instead.
Really feel the anger.  Often if you get present
with the anger, it will morph into grief, and
then you are well on your way to releasing the
negative energy out of your body.

If you revert to reacting or addictive patterns,
the anger and grief go underground again, and
continue to mess up your emotional “vibration”
and diminish your charisma.

Making a Commitment to Yourself

Now, all the great advice in the world isn’t
going to amount to a hill of beans unless you
actually put it into action.  So if you truly
want to release all the anger, guilt, shame,
fear, and grief in yoru emotional “vibration”
and rediscover your natural charisma, it is
time to MAKE A FIRM COMMITMENT to get this
aspect of your life HANDLED before it causes
any further damage to your relationships.
I invite you to say, “I commit to rediscovering
my natural charisma by systematically releasing
negative emotions out of my body.”
I invite
you to say, “I commit to practicing these
simple steps for getting in touch with my
feelings and practicing presence each and
every day until I have fully rediscovered
my natural charisma.”

If you make a serious commitment, the practices
I outlined above are extremely powerful.
Making a firm commitment to practice those
two simple steps day in and day out is enough
to change your life completely.”

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